.........Who's from Saskatchewan.....

Our family originally settled in Sask. Around North Battleford or as my relatives say "bafferd". We go out to visit the family farm every few years. My dad was offered the farm when he was young, but being a stupid young kid he turned it down. He regrets that everyday when he's reminded about how hard he had to work to build a life and feed his family here in Alberta.
Sturgis Sask.

My Dad grew up in Northern Sask; a place called Sand-something; maybe Sandbeach. His dad moved there in the Early Thirties, when Dad was still in diapers.
Eventually, they abandoned that hard to survive place and moved South, and then East after WWII, into the RedRiver Valley. I was born in Winnipeg,Manitoba. Grandpa sired 15 children, two of which did not make it to adulthood/times were tough. About half of whom stayed in Sask, but they are all deceased now. I got about a small-town's worth of cousins still living out there.
Since the old-ones are all gone now, I doubt I will be seeing them again on the sunny side. Gatherings used to be the highlight of our lives.
My Saskatchewan cousins are spread out all over the place, and I think I have a few relatives in every town/city so far mentioned.
Butchaknow, my Dad was born in 1927, the middle of the pack, so, many of my older First-cousins are now dropping. I got/had a few cousins older than Uncles. My youngest Uncle was only ten years older than me, but he died in his early 60s.
What a hard life they had.
What an easy life I was having until covid showed up.
Even tho I don't get sick, it's been a crap-life ever since.
The pilgrimages we made, (as a member of my Dad's Family; as a co-driver; and to visit friends by myself as an adult), made to various places in Sask, are slowly fading; not unlike a summer sun on the plains.
Just across the border from Winnipeg? Does that count? Played a lot of Hockey in Canada, religious watcher of Hockey Night, advocate for Tim Hortons on dark cold nights, and miss “Grapes” on Hockey night to this day. Maybe I am a hybrid, having lived on the border most of my adult life?
I drove through saskchewan a couple weeks ago. Does that count? Met a cool guy at trans canada trucks. Honestly, the drive across to alberta wasnt all that boring like my buddy led me to believe.
i'd like to go there sometime and do know some people there.....
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Your car looks amazing! And you finished your truck! When I saw it it was in pieces in your garage; getting it ready for your son.
My wife's grandparents settled in Tarnopol from Ukraine. I was absolutely stunned at how beautiful northern Saskatchewan is with the rolling prairies.............And then, the Canadian shield! We went as far north as Prince Albert National park.



We are residing in beautiful Rosthern, Saskatchewan. Home of the Midway Gearheads Car Club. Cheers!
Do you ever go to the DQ Cruise in Rosthern? I've been going to venture out from. Martensville for that one day. What do you drive?