Will these headers fit?



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May 13, 2023
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I'm looking to buy new Doug's headers part# D453 for the new engine that I put together for my 73 Dart. I was about to order them, but I checked the application list and it says "no" for column shift auto transmission. Can anyone confirm if this is true or not? Will they not fit? Is that shift linkage really in the way?

Car/future info:
1973 Dart Custom
New engine 318 LA
A904 V8 Trans, using column shifter
Slant six K member, /6 to SBV8 motor mounts
Power steering
Power brakes

I found out they will work with a column shif auto, but these fit Darts from 67 to 72 and not 73 and up. Anyone know why?

The other option is the Patriot H8206-1, but how well do those fit? I was already sold on the Doug's but I may have to go with something else.
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Mine fit . no problem. 72 Duster 318 904 . v8 k member. manual steering and brakes.
Mine fit . no problem. 72 Duster 318 904 . v8 k member. manual steering and brakes.
Do you know if there are differences from 72 to 73? The tech support guy from pertronix told me it will work from 67 to 72, but not not 73 and up and they don't know why. Kind of weird.
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They fit 73-up. From reading on this forum, guys with 73-up seem to see less issues with fitment.

Buy a gear reduction starter from a Dakota, its smaller, lighter and you'll be glad you did.
I haven't installed a set in the newer cars, but I have seen pix of them in a 73/74.
I believe the difference was the transverse torsion bars and the spool mounts scared the manufacturer, but didn't affect fit.
transverse bars? those are only in the deep dark woods of FMJ stuff

the spool mount came in 73 with the front suspension redesign, but everything essentially remained the same, just with a little more room all around (redesigned centerlink).
Yeah, I coulda been more specific.
The 453s fit just about every Mopar model, a few exceptions, and the manufacturer got vague when they went to transverse bars and spool mounts, - I generalized cuz I work on all models.
Cheers .
I have the spool type motor mounts, but I don't know what difference that makes. Maybe that's the mystery?
I don't want to make a $1000 mistake.
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Spool mounts make no difference, my son's 69 Dart has a spool k-frame in it. No drama.
That thread I posted should clarify that, and if you wait, AutoZone often has a 20% off sale, free shipping, - that places like Jegs and Summit are known to price match.
I prefer the Ceramic. 453 .
Good luck.
Cool! But the Autozone sales never applies to the parts I'm looking for. They pull a bait and switch.
Ordered the Doug's D453 ceramic coated headers from summit, the amount of money I spent on my total order was a bit painful, but got a little discount, so that's sweet. The guy on the phone was very nice and polite and was also a gearhead. Overall customer service from the them so far is is a 10 out of 10 and two thumbs up.

It has sure been awhile since I got good service like that.
Update! I just got the headers.

I did not take them completely out of the packaging yet. I will inspect everything later.