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Jun 7, 2010
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No cat can ever replace another, as they all have their own distinct personalities. Billy was very special. It broke our hearts to lose him. Thanks to my cousin Betty Alexander, we were blessed with a new kitten. Kitty is overjoyed. Yall meet our new addition. Stanley.
He's a cutie! Congrats. And sorry to hear about Billy, it's always heartbreaking. Still, you get to love the new, like you loved the old.
There is very little joy that can compare to a new kitten or puppy....
He’s a handsome little guy.

Sorry about Billy.

Funny how nature seems to know balance.

We lost three circa 2020 and gained three in 2021.
Kitty put Stanley in the plastic laundry basket when we got home. Within five minutes, Happenstance had gotten in with him and was bathing him up a storm and cuddling with him. Later on last night, Sarah (alpha female Siamese) started bathing him in the bed, so he has been officially accepted into the fold. I believe they know what's going on and Stanley is going to help them with Billy's loss, as much as he is helping us and Kitty is so happy. I would have gotten ten more cats for that. I'm glad I didn't have to. lol I'll get a video later today of Happenstance and Stanley.
And all of this was possible, because my cousin in Macon, Betty, was kind enough to find him. Plus, we have reconnected with her after years. She's 90 now, a double amputee (diabetes) but still just as spry and spunky as she ever was. It was great to see her again.
Here's Happenstance with his new buddy Stanley. So far, they're pretty much inseparable. I'll get some video soon. I actually got a couple small ones, but they're kinda crappy because my battries were weak.
Man, I cannot BELIEVE how much faster this fiber optic internet is. Soon as I mashed download on youtube, it was downloaded. I think I may redo some how to videos.

Anyway here's Happenstance bonding with his new buddy, Stanley. It's over and done. Stanley has been accepted into the brood. Of course Baby Pink nose had to make sure it included "HER". lol