Heater Fan Motor Mod for Added Engine Bay Clearance

By Longgone, Sep 11, 2009 | |
  1. Longgone
    Many of you know that when you install a 440 or RB block in our A-bodies that there is often trouble getting the right valve cover off if the car is equipped with any cover other than a stock stamped steel cover. There's a great mod that is covered step by step over on BigblockDart.com. It involves moving the heater motor in on studs so that it doesn't interfere with the valve cover. I had very little room on my car and it's a solid cam car so I did the mod and it turned out great. Although I don't have pics of the install yet, I do have some of the parts as modified. The original mod has screws welded to the back side of the mounting studs. I just removed the studs and used threaded rod to go through the mounting plate and secure both the motor and the heater box. I also found some of that black cardboard from hell (at the upholstery shop) to make up the back of the box. Here's a few pics of the mod and a comparison with an original box.

    IM000162 (Small).JPG

    IM000163 (Small).JPG

    IM000166 (Small).JPG

    IM000165 (Small).JPG

    IM000167 (Small).JPG

    IM000168 (Small).JPG

    IM000170 (Small).JPG

    IM000172 (Small).JPG

    IM000173 (Small).JPG

    I finally got a picture of the installed motor/heater box to show you the difference it made. There`s now plenty of room to remove the valve cover without having to remove the box first. There is one thing to keep in mind when doing this mod, as you move the assembly back you reduce the amount of heater core tubing protruding from the firewall. There`s only so much tubing for the heater core to connect your hoses to once the mod is done. With mine I had about 3/4" behind the flare on the tubing but it was just enough to get a hose clamp in there.

    IM000182 (Medium).JPG

    IM000183 (Medium).JPG

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