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  1. scatpackbee

    AC system update

    I’m currently 2200 miles from home. I’ll post some pictures when I get back home in 2 weeks.
  2. scatpackbee

    AC system update

    I adapted the factory ‘69 A/C vent box to my Classic Auto air system. It wasn’t too difficult. Just had to cut the hose ends off the supplied ducts and manufacture an aluminum plate with 3 oval holes to bolt the supplied duct hose ends to then to the factory A/C vents after they were removed...
  3. scatpackbee

    Classic Auto Air in 67 Barracuda Factory Non AC

    It was pretty damn tight back there in my ‘69 Dart, but it did fit.
  4. scatpackbee

    Steve M is back

    I’m on a job assignment in Tucson for 4 weeks and headed up the the BJ Auction this past Sunday. I wish I’d seen his YouTube post prior to lugging around 2 of his books all day long hoping to see him filming a segment and ask him to sign both books….. Awesome auction BTW! Every car guy has to...
  5. scatpackbee

    Steering Restoration

    Try Mike Tarkington in Katy Texas. Steering Wheels by Mike - Contact Sometimes he has available inventory for sale.
  6. scatpackbee

    Random dim lights

    Great info!
  7. scatpackbee

    HBD 4spdragtop

    Happy belated Birthday Steve!
  8. scatpackbee

    Street Freaks, Customs, Rods, Street Machines...60's 70's 80's

    Oh ya. I see that now that my glasses are on!
  9. scatpackbee

    Street Freaks, Customs, Rods, Street Machines...60's 70's 80's

    Is that a 4X4 Duster on the upper right?
  10. scatpackbee

    [WANTED] Wanted- OEM Tachometer for 1967 Barracuda Rallye Dash

    The OEM tach that’s in my ‘68 was sent out to H&H Auto Electric for a solid state tach board conversation and calibration. And yes, the engine was running when this picture was taken….
  11. scatpackbee

    [WANTED] Dart 4 speed console piece

    I’ll pm you his name and number.
  12. scatpackbee

    [WANTED] Dart 4 speed console piece

    There is a guy 3D printing these. If you need the name I’ll dig it up.
  13. scatpackbee

    1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S Casting Number 2468130-9

    Thanks Wayne. That combo looks awesome on the car. Small bolt pattern too?
  14. scatpackbee

    1967 Plymouth Barracuda Formula S Casting Number 2468130-9

    Really nice looking ‘67 Wayne. I don’t mean to highjack this thread but what tire sizes and rim width do you have on it?
  15. scatpackbee

    Installing a Brewers Hurst / Inland conversion shifter

    Great write-up. Is your Dart a console car? Your shifter handle looks like a console one. I might be wrong. I’m certainly no Inland expert.
  16. scatpackbee

    What's the problem with this 1967 Barracuda trunk trim???

    I respectfully have to disagree fellas…
  17. scatpackbee

    Discount code raises already-insane shipping costs?

    Hey Steve, do you know if the Barracuda dash harnesses at Van’s or Classic Industries are made by M&H?
  18. scatpackbee

    Vintage Mopar Dealership Pictures

    This is an awesome picture of a brand new ‘68 posted by 66340sedan. You can see the trunk trim didn’t align perfectly with the taillights even from the factory. Anyone know what the orange thing is above the passenger side exhaust tip?
  19. scatpackbee

    Retrosound Radio. YUCK 2/10

    I put a Retrosound in my ‘66 Bug and I love it. Granted it’s only a shaft radio and not a more complex thumbwheel Redondo. One big negative about my Retrosound is that it drains the battery within a couple of days.
  20. scatpackbee

    Vintage Mopar Dealership Pictures

    Really cool ad! I grew up in Cooksville Ontario and this was where I bought parts in around ‘86-‘87 for my first car a ‘75 Plymouth Valiant Brougham 2 dr. They’re still in business at the same location but now called Cooksville Dodge.
  21. scatpackbee

    Hot Mopar Babes III

    Ya got me…
  22. scatpackbee

    1969 Barracuda 340 Formula S Restoration

    Looks really good! @RealWing where did you get the black battery decal from? Was it from Weskcar?
  23. scatpackbee

    Fish Outta the Water!!!!

    ‘68 only
  24. scatpackbee

    Hello from SW WI, my name is Galen Govier and I just signed up to this site.

    I met Galen at Moparfest where he had a booth late 90’s early 2000’s. He was very cordial and was very concerned about a small slant 6 error I pointed out in his white book. I met Galen again at the Barret Jackson Scottsdale Auction in 2008. Despite being pulled in all directions by the high...
  25. scatpackbee

    Steve Magnante has been MIA for is why:

    Very glad to hear your friend returned to normal. This gives me hope Steve will come out of it just like nothing happened and we’ll see him back again on the BJ Auction.
  26. scatpackbee

    Steve Magnante has been MIA for is why:

    Really praying for Steve. This guy is a real treasure in the muscle car world. Hoping he comes out of this really soon.
  27. scatpackbee

    Reproduction Big Block Upper Rad Hose

    It is a correct for ‘68 033 BB radiator. I don’t have a closeup of the rad numbers with me.