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    74 Five MPH Front Bumper & Shocks

    On my 74 duster I unbolted the bumper shocks removed the brace in the bumper and bent up new brackets using 1/8 in steel. Bolted it back on using existing bolt holes. Saved about 80-100 lbs. If I remember right that was about 45 years ago
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    A and A Transmissions U R out of luck

    AandA still going strong. Was just there a couple weeks ago . Like everyone else having trouble finding employees and keeping up with demand
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    1000hp 727 full manual build

    Call A&A Transmission they can help you out and recommend what you need
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    Winter transmission builds

    I don't understand why so many people think you need a glide. Most of the guys I know that run a glide have at least 2 of them and 3 or more converters. I've also seen some go slower with a glide vs 3 speed. Been drag racing 48 years with a torqueflite never blew one up . Been with A&A for over...
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    Random pictures thread

    Rode in one of those a few times while in the army
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    Digging for info - front drum explosion on 727s

    The stock drum is what fails. If you have an after market drum you don't have to worry
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    1973 Duster cowl and Hood pinstripes - Scoop?

    I have a 73 Twister Duster that came with them they are non functional
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    Hot Mopar Babes III

    That all my wife has driven as long as i've known her. Her first car was an automatic back in 72. Currently drives a 2013 Hemi Challenger with a 6 speed as her daily driver, even in the winter.
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    Mopar Maxx June 9-11 2023 Cedar Falls, Iowa

    I'll be there. Never missed one yet. Great event need more Mopars
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    dyno session

    I`d turn the oil pressure down to 70 psi ,more hp. I run 70 at 7200rpm
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    Anybody going to Indy?

    Wife and I will be there thursday and all day fri. Never missed a show yet. Always a great time
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    Random pictures thread

    yes my 1974 duster360 was the same way
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    Roll Bar / Door Handle Interference

    My 74 duster came with the door release at the top of the door frame from the factory. Look at one and see if its something you can copy
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    Mopar Maxx 2022

    Was a great day and weekend. Made some new friends and saw some old ones. Jeremy made a good run .030 on the tree but broke out by .002 I was .019 on tree and ran .010 off my dial I had a 5.68 dial to his 8.15
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    How excited do you get about racing ??

    Bought a 74 360 Duster in 1975 been racing it every year since 1976. It ran 15os then now 8.60s .Can't imagine life without it. All the people I've met and friends I made. Met my wife at the track. Every year I look forward to seeing the people as much as racing.
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    Indy Cylinder moves into the future

    Have known them for over 20 years great couple one of the better things to happen for Indy Cylinder Head .
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    Indy show for those close enough

    Just got home from the swap meet show, its staying in Indy per Chris. No mask just a normal swap meet .Had a great time lots of parts available, if you don't get there your missing out.
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    indy swap meet

    I talked with Chris thursday afternoon the show is staying in Indy. Indy cylinder is moved to ohio
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    Your Favorite Abody

    Still have my 74 Duster 47 years this year bought in 75 from original owner.
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    indy swap meet

    Wife and I will be there. Never missed one yet. Can't wait always great to see old friends and make new ones. Tom
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    520 cube BBM MotorTrend

    Had a 528 cu in made 844hp at 7200 684 tq at 5600 13.5 to 1 741 lift cam with tunnel ram 2 1000 cfm carbs 440-1 heads. New motor 572 cu in 877 hp at 7200 738 tq at 5500 14.5 to 1 693 lift cam same heads and intake set up
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    MSD 6 vs. MSD 7

    I ran the 6al for years when I raised the compression developed a miss went to 7al problem fixed. Needed a stronger spark for more pressure. Changed compression from 12.5 to1 to 14
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    Mopar Maxx 2021 Cedar Falls, Iowa August 20,21, and 22

    Was a great time, glad meet some of the other members. Enjoyed talking with everyone and showing off my car. Take care till next year
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    Mopar Maxx 2021 Cedar Falls, Iowa August 20,21, and 22

    ONLY 8 DAYS AWAY! Looking forward to meeting you guys. I'll be racing my black 74 duster as always. This year I've been racing same car for 45 years. Look me up, be parked along the fence north of the return road.
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    anyone have a Summit discount code

    summit has a veterans discount same as pro shop discount
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    What is your car's rarest option?

    1973 Twister Duster space duster fold down back seat with factory hood scoops.
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    Track fee’s

    160.00 for 2 days 1500.00 to win each day 2000.00 to win if 60 cars or more. 25.00 for tnt . You mentioned entry fees but didn't mention pay out
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    Indy Mopar

    Wife and I have never missed one. Will be there look forward to see everyone.
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    8" Spragless converter?

    It stalls to 5500 engine makes 860hp I've never driven it on the street. Call TSI and talk to them about your combination . I know thy can help you out and answer all your questions