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    There is a used car dealer on U-Tube who goes to car auctions. He shows videos and explains how the system works. He also goes to new car dealerships with a camera and shows the lines and lines of brand new cars and trucks. Some of the dealers even have an area for 'pre repo' cars. He claims...
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    This girl needs a Go Fund Me

    I'm concerned about the small amount of toilet paper used. Dem's only like 2 sheets.
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    Any Pontiac guys on here? Need insight.

    Your photo of the shaft shows heavy scoring on the shaft. Note the smooth diameter of the last quarter inch. Also note the gob of metal stuck in the hole of the next larger diameter. This would cause noise. Your first picture of #42 shows a casting defect resulting in a paper thin [and...
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    Condenser differences?

    Cars came with copper straps on the condensers from the factory. I think the 6 cyl. cars had a shorter condenser, but my memory doesn't go back that far.
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    Aluminum yoke question

    NO and NO.
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    Nice camper. I've got good news and I've got bad news. Good news ---you can fix it. Bad news--- you've got to fix it. Your Truck has the isolated field type system. It should have a blue wire [12 volt with ignition key on], connected to either alternator field prong; It...
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    273 Connecting rods with TRW L2222N Pistons

    Those rods are for 273's or early 318 rods. They are for full floating pins, they have a bronze bushing in the small end. Late 318's [1971 and up] and 360's use the wider, stronger, heavier rods. They are for press fit pins. All 340's use the heavier rods with bronze bushings.
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    How much does a 1974 duster weigh?

    Pre 1973 weighs around 3200 pounds. 1974 or 1975 weighs around 3300 pounds. This is for 340/360 cars.
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    Valve seal replacement

    1970 heads did not have hardened seats. I believe that started in 1973. Maybe a newer head would be an easier way out. Check compression first.
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    Cadillac vs. Tesla

    Just watched a video on U--Tube. Fancy stuff. I was surprised that a Caddy was about the same price as a pick-up truck [or lower]. How times have changed in my lifetime. My neighbor bought a brand new 1967 pickup truck from the dealership back then for $1800.00 [V-8, 4speed, long bed.] Caddies...
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    I’ll not a mask wearer

    Keep away from dat crack.
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    30, 41, 46, 50 amp alternators? Yeah RIGHT

    Chrysler put Leece Neville alternators in police cars and some trucks in the early 1970's. They were much larger than Chrysler alternators, and required special brackets and a special additional harness with #8 wire. Plus an ammeter shunt. [trailer tow package or plow package]? .....65 amp...
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    I think someone already did that. Saw it on U Tube I think. A real nice job. Cost effective ????
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    I tried some grass fed beef. It wasn't as tasty as the regular beef. And it was much more costly. And steers need grain to grow fast. I have a friend with a couple of cows and a couple of steers. Pasture fed during the summer along with a grain mixture. During the winter they eat baled hay and...
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    Volcanoes have been growing under the oceans for millions of years, creating heat. Nothing new there. The tallest mountain in the world is one of the Hawaiian Islands. Measured from its base.
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    Random pictures thread

    I don't understand how some women can have such a tiny waist.
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    Hillbilly horseshoes anyone

    I'm lost for words, along with my eyesight.
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    8 3/4 axle ID help - truck?

    The spring perch would be mounted to top of the axle if it came out of a pickup. I don't know what year Dodge went to full time 4WD, which would have had the 5 x 4 1/2 '' bolt pattern.
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    72 Cuda Questions- Please Help

    This story makes me sad. Sell the car itself as a single unit only. Sell it to someone who has the knowledge and money to finish it. Take pictures. Good luck.
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    Scary car movies

    I don't remember the name of the movie, but it had Dennis Weaver in a Valiant being chased downhill by a ratty old trailer truck.
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    Motorcycle tire question

    So, now I'm down to two options?
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    Unfortunately it is not. I'm not sure on the exact numbers, I think a steer requires about 3000 gallons of water a year. Their methane farts get into the upper atmosphere and contribute to global warming. Add to that the diesel needed for plowing the fields, the petroleum needed to make the...
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    Motorcycle tire question

    Can I volunteer?
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    Automobile Movers

    I see more than a few dually diesel pickups pulling 3 car trailers on the interstate highways. If they have a newer truck they might be anxious to move your stuff to pay for their equipment. There are sites on the net that the truckers list their rigs and equipment and the dates and locations of...
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    I agree that cars are polluting less due to cat convertors and computer systems. How ever there are more of them out there. Sun light aggravates the problem and creates smog. In my neck of the woods, they are building expensive 3000 sq. foot homes. They require more heating and electricity...
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    Here's what happens when your Tesla Roadster (or any EV) reaches the end of battery life

    I'm not pushing for EV's just trying to counter some of the statements being made by the EV haters. It's good to read that some people are giving it some thought. They are not the answer for everybody. I'll let the next generations figure out what to do about cooling the Earth. I'm hearing about...
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    It has begun!

    As long as the legislators are older people, I think we will be safe for a while. As in don't take away MY Corvette. However, when the jerks out there are 'rolling coal' and it's shown on TV, that may ruin it for all of us.