[SOLD] 4 speed and associated parts

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Apr 19, 2010
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Lawrence, KS
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Link to the ad for pictures and info http://lawrence.craigslist.org/pts/4197972961.html.

List of parts:

Trans - 73 model year I believe, 23 spline input has been shortened ~5/8 (should work fine with register style bushing/bearing), fairly recent rebuild, crossmember included

Bellhousing - aluminum overdrive unit with multiple patterns for different transmissions, lower inspection cover and ball stud included (might not be correct ball stud for A body, but functioned)

Shifter and linkage - Hurst Comp with T handle, new linkage from Brewers, extra linkage pieces that came with car (but don't necessarily belong)

RAM Musclecar series clutch disc - went in with 5.7 Hemi swap ~2 years ago, guessing 5000 miles or less, throwout bearing included

Clutch linkage - pedal side pushrod, Z bar, fork side pushrod, and clutch fork all included (has had fork side of Z bar shortened ~1 inch to clear headers in my application (again, possibly not A body but worked okay)

Extra input bearing retainer - trans currently has rare 5.125" bearing retainer to work with O/D bellhousing, have original smaller retainer as well if using with different bellhousing.

Want to get rid of all of it as a package, asking $1000 firm plus shipping from 66049 if you really want to go that route. Will consider driving to meet/deliver within reason for fuel cost.
Still have all the parts kicking around if anyone is interested in a spring project. Got to looking and I also have a decent 4 speed hump that can go with it. Cut it out of my car and I think it's pretty salvageable. Mostly cut around it and not the hump itself, so should have plenty of material to work with.
If you decide to split it up I am interested in the new linkage from*Brewers,*if it for A body
what did this come out of ?iam looking for an A833 for a 70 dart 340 .I am in Colorado so its not that far of a drive.let me now thanks.Tigey
interested too. Doesn't look like you have pedals with it, so let me know too if tigey passes.
Sorry all, forgot to check back here. Anyway, what it's out of depends on what part you're talking about unfortunately. For the most part I believe it to be either all A body or F body. The trans is an A body tailshaft and what appears to be a 73 model year from what I can make out of the casting. The bellhousing is newer than that I think because it's an aluminum overdrive style though the transmission is NOT an O/D. I did get a proper bearing retainer to join the two together though, so they work good as a package, plus I have the original retainer I took off that can go with it. The linkage is for sure A body as it was purchased by me from Brewers. The extra linkage pieces I have are just a junkyard special as far as I can tell. I bought the car with them installed and swapped them out because they didn't match well (though they seemed to function fine). The clutch plate itself is a standard 10.5" 23 spline setup (no pressure plate though, I kept that for my setup). The clutch linkage is probably the biggest mixed bag. I'm keeping the pedal because I still have a manual in the car (T56), but I converted to a hydraulic clutch so I don't need the mechanical linkage pieces. The pedal and transmission side push rods should be A body as far as I can tell, I'm not so sure about the Z bar though. Either it or the ball stud on the bellhousing seemed off when it was installed in my car (sat at a bit of an angle), but it functioned okay that way for several years. I should have a picture of all the parts (minus the hump I cut out). I'll see if I can find it and post it for reference.
Okay, this is long overdue but I couldn't find the pictures at the time and didn't feel like dragging all the parts back out. Was cleaning up other pictures on my phone and found them again, so here's what's all in the package. The only other thing that's included but not shown that I can think of is the hump from the floorpan.


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Okay, at the point that I'll consider splitting up the parts now for anyone interested. PM for prices on whatever parts you're interested in and I'll see what I can do.
i just picked up a A833 so i do need linkage and shifter.what do you have left??after your sale lett me know .thanks tigey
Bellhousing is now spoken for. Still up for grabs is the shifter and handle, clutch linkage, clutch disk, old (non-Brewers) linkage, floor hump, crossmember, and transmission itself.

Edit: 5.125" bearing retainer is also gone with the bellhousing, trans will be sold with original smaller one installed.
Okay, clutch linkage and spare shift linkage parts are gone now as well. All that's left is the transmission itself (now with smaller bearing retainer), transmisison crossmember, shifter with handle, clutch plate (RAM 303M model), and floor hump.
Okay, shifter is gone now as well. All that's left is the trans itself, the clutch plate, and the floor hump.
Hump is sold, still left is trans itself, transmission crossmember, and clutch plate (will throw in throwout bearing with it as well).
What kinda price on trans itself ans the clutch plate? Do you have the pressure plate?
Will this disc work on a 340 flywheel balanced for a 360?
How much for the trans and crossmember?
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