73 Dart Sport for Fun



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Mar 28, 2015
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Jurupa Valley
Hello all. When I was younger I was into cars big time. Worked on cars, built cars, did some bracket racing. But as time passed I just never seemed to have the time or money to continue. Now I've retired and thought let's find something and have some fun. So I found this pretty cheap.
Drove it around the block a couple of times and decided it was a real death trap. So what did I do, I bought it. Anyway I'm going to see what can be made of this.

Lots of rust and lots of problems. Going to start taking things apart, striping things down and figure out where to go with this.






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I'm getting a lot of the car apart and finding some really interesting things. Went to remove the clutch torque shaft and discovered that it was held in place with wooden blocks and sheet metal screws:banghead:. Perhaps that's part of the reason why my knee was almost up against my chest before the clutch would engage. The frame ballsutd bracket was missing and the panel is ripped. I kind of wonder how that happened.

Looks like the previous owner had a heater core leak and couldn't quite get the plenum apart so....

Starting to get a pile of parts stacked up in my garage. Some might recognize the wood log as a Mopar seat support. Found this holding up the driver side front seat. Thought if felt a little bumpy. Got the engine and trans out, not much more left to strip.

The sheet metal work is far beyond my abilities so I'm going to find a shop and have them start in. I mean really how much could it possibly cost (I pretty much know #-o).





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On these 73+ Darts do folks keep the front bumper reinforcement or get rid of it?
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Modernize the suspension and put a late model Hemi in it with a manual trans and have fun!!!!!
Nice find. Even with the defects!!!
Right now planning on going with a 360 and 4-speed. Just going to rebuild the suspension with a few upgrades.
If it was mine I would find a 70-72 front end and get rid of the front bumper system and the beak. Also get rid of those 'stick' on side marker lights. You could either put 71s in there place or get rid of them all together. Also WELCOME!
Picked up a V8 K-member. Sending it to Firm Feel to be reinforced and power coated.
1972 360 block loaded in my truck to be taken to the machine shop. I'll be shooting for a 500hp build so we'll see what parts list I come up with.

Really need to decide on paint color for the car. I pretty much think I'll go with either Sassy Grass Green or one of the oranges. I like the way Toxic Orange seems to pop in photos. The Dodge dealer says they can't keep any of the challengers painted this color in stock so perhaps it will become somewhat common. Maybe Go Mango or Burnt Orange.



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<----- Go mango what can I say it really pops. Looks great in the sun. Oh and save the beak not many people like them but I think it looks good. ;)
<----- Go mango what can I say it really pops. Looks great in the sun. Oh and save the beak not many people like them but I think it looks good. ;)

TO BEAK, OR NOT TO BEAK! that is the question. lol hang in there!:coffee2:
I'm still nursing my slant 6 hoping it runs forever but if it ever dies I plan doing a modern hemi swap. I almost picked up a lime green 73 sport but went with the 75 Swinger instead. Staying with the white color or changing it up?
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Keep up the good work. Going to be a cool ride when it's done.
I chuckle a little bit when I see how the car looks right now. I'm replacing the fender wells also and when they're removed that should be the end of the teardown. It will be nice to start getting the new panels installed!

Been reading your thread as well Dartnut, very cool.
WOW! Did they really need to totally cut out both rear quarters? They didn't look that bad in the original pictures!
Oh, and btw... I say keep the beak. I'm not a fan, but that's part of what makes it your 73 Dart Sport. Get rid of the beak and you have someone else's car.