73 Dart Sport for Fun

That is a wicked sounding motor congratulations on the build I am working on my dash and electronic's now hope to finish soon.
Installed flywheel, clutch disk and pressure plate.






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You've made more progress in half a year than I'll make in 4, that's equal parts impressive and demoralizing haha.
I've been saving for quite some time so I would be in a position just to pretty much work on the car start to finish (or close). Cars in the past I would only be able to do a little bit at a time, on this one I just wanted to be able to go for it and not get frustrated by having to wait for the money to move on.
Received the new instrument cluster from Classic Dash. I noticed that almost everyone lays the instrument cluster out with the speedometer in the middle and tack to the right. Looks like folks install the other gauges in in layout anyway they like. I'll try this and see what I think.

What are you going to for the wiper and light switches? I can't seem to find any information on them anywhere. Sold my old cluster but still have one in my donor but I'm not sure they even work.
I used the factory wiper and light switches in mine. There on opposite sides but they worked for me
I'm doing the same thing. I looked around and the originals seem to be the best to use. They were working when removed so I got some electronics cleaner and scrubed them down. Going to wire them up and test them with a power supply to make sure all is ok before wiring gauge cluster.
Here's one that I had, with a Hemi - didn't know enough to keep it.


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Engine and trans installed and graphics being put on. So far I've only ran into two real problems, one a hassle and another I need to work out.

The hassle was TTI supplying the wrong header bolts which ended up taking me way to much time and money to fix. TTI sent 3/8" header bolts while the Mopar heads require 5/16". So I thought no problem I think I'll try some of those fancy stainless steel locking header bolts and see how they work. I get the bolts and start installing them only to find out that due to header tube clearance there is no way to get a wrench on 4 of the bolts (12 point heads) and a socket would not work. Ok I may not like it but at least some of the header bolts will need to be 6 point. Could not believe how hard 5/16"x1" zinc or ss header bolts were to find. Thought I could just run to the local speed shop and grab them. No way. With some help from the forums I found them through Jegs as a direct ship from Hedman. Took 4 days to get but the headers are bolted in now.

The thing I need to work out concerns the rear end. The Strange cast aluminum cover just hits the gas tank where the "S" sticks out from the cover. I can think of two solutions so far. Take a rubber maillot and give the gas tank a couple of whacks or replace the Strange cover with a stock cover. It looks like going with a stock cover should work so I've ordered one.




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Great build. I love the color and the fact it's a dart sport. You have made really fast progress. Can't wait to see it when it's done.
Take it apart is right!!! But, of course, that is "doin' it up right. Did you say, "death trap to start, but bought it anyway. Some times it is an addiction. Best to you. Another one rescued from the crusher. Old Dart 66
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Love the look it wears the color well and the old school wheels look great! :happy1:
Beautiful! Motor and Trans. look great-Gauge Cluster, Paint too.
Indeed, I always did like this body style. A full and complete going on here easy to see.
Going to be nice, I am sure