Anyone know how to get in contact with Galen’s TAG service LLC



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Dec 21, 2012
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Paducah. KY.
I ordered a fender tag over a year ago. Paid them up front. The first few months they answer their phone. And emailed me. They promised me a rag in 2-3 months. And took my money. I have there phone number and email. If anyone knows how to contact them I would appreciate it.
There's another thread on here about Galen ripping people off... do a search....

Here's one, there's more...

galen govier

And good luck...
Call you credit card company now and leave that POS out of your thoughts.

Give all your info to MMC Detroit and Dave Wise will get your a tag made, but you need EVERYTHING.. ownership/broadcast sheet/etc before he will.
Since he has an "F" rating with the BBB, you cannot threaten to report him "THERE" as his score is the worst. Might should have done some research first. He is not the most ethical businessman around.
When I talked to Diane there. And send a picture of rusty fender tag and broadcast sheet. She said they had some information on my M-code dart. So I paid them $507.00 . She said it would be 2-3 months. I wanted 4-months she said it will be any day. I asked her for the information history on my dart. She said I will email it. That was the last time I heard anything. It has been a year now. They are thieves