Anyone local to me capable of correcting errors on a 904 race build

If he used most of the lock up internals, you should have steel planets and a low gear set.

i feel for you 4500 is a lot of quid , you seem to be handling it better than I. :thumbsup:
Stick with your plan…. It’ll be in great hands.
I contacted the company in question once. Was looking for a forward shift manual valve body. He told me those were for sissies and real men used reversed pattern. I ended up buying one elsewhere since he didn't seem to want to sell me one. Sorry for your misfortunate with them, but if they took me for $4500 they'd be fixing the issues or refunding my $$.
When did John start building transmissions again?

This. I thought John retired from building full transmissions a few years ago.

CRT has built several of my 904s and I've never had a problem with any of them. In-fact, they've exceeded my expectations.

I know John had issues with finding quality help during and after 2020. Not sure when yours was built, but I'd call him and he'll make it right.

Sorry to hear about your issues. That sucks
mine was one of the last ones he did , It took him several months to finish it , I believe it was from order date to I got everything was like 7 months
I'd be pissed if I spent that much money on a 904 and it leaked, let alone any other issues it had. I'd give him a chance to make it right. The only problem is his customer service skills absolutely suck. Good luck!
Went through the same thing when I had my 904 "built" to handle 550HP+ and found a whole lot of trash in the filter. Didn't have another 3K sitting around for another build so ended up redoing it myself. I'll never take another box to some one else after seeing how easy it actually was.
I purchased transmission and convertor from a person in the business, and its got 4 neutrals and leaking like a sieve. Less than excited to return it for more problems

I am near Sioux Falls,SD 57107 ..
I read through this whole thread something doesnt ad up, 4 neutrals?
is there any chance the converter wasnt seated properly and during installation the lugs were broken off the pump gear?
not hard to figure out who the builder was after reading the post. he has a great reputation, been business a very long time and I am sure stands by his work.
why the hesitancy to allow him to make it right?
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It had reverse with brake engaged , no forward gears I took it to local well-respected shop with a trans dyno, they can make it work I'm sure

Why because , from the day I send him the money to build it , it took months and months to receive it (believe it was 8 months) and after all this time, its a leaking , not working pos ..

I'm over him and his workmanship and non customer service
Why would anyone send "stuff" back to the fat arrogant buffoon? He had more than one chance to make it right. I would NOT send him anything other than dog turds with birthday candles.