Are 340’s rare


william parker

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Aug 13, 2018
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North Dakota
How rare are 340’s getting now days? Pulled this solid runner cast crank one out with 727. Not sure to keep it stored or sell.

They are getting hard to come by. Rare? That's a subjective word.
Something is worth what someone will pay... I'm more about having cool rare stuff. I don't even like small blocks tbh and absolutely hate trying to sell anything.
Unless you pulled it from the original car and it's wrecked, try posting the vin, someone may have the car and looking for their engine. That's when they become the most valuable.
rare, not really... can always find them for sale.. valuable.. for sure and will only go up in value. 340s have a mystical reputation which will never go away and guys will pay stupid money for one instead of a 360 for 1/8th the price. If you don't need to sell it, oil it up good and put it under a bench for 10 years and it will double in value... no joke. i don't get it myself though.
not really rare but they are getting expensive. i've had a few over the years and have never built one. always build the 360 instead. they always bring good money. i'll probably be selling the one i have soon too..
Before Al Gore invented the internet you could not get one unless some one died and their family sold it without knowing what he had.. ALL 340 and Hemi parts leads mostly lead to a waste of gas and time.. nowadays you can get them pretty cheap.
Finding a nice serviceable core is becoming more rare. Plenty already bored out and needing sleeves. At that point might as well start looking for a race block.
I can find a few 340 engines every once in awhile, they are not cheap at $2500-$3000 on the low end and higher depending on condition over here in the north east USA compared to a 318, 360 or even a big block 440(I was tempted buy a cheap running 440 and 727 combo once lol).
i have a std bore one ..:) should bring top dollar.
Back in 2008 I drove to NJ to buy a std bore 340 block. $500 with main caps no rust ect. I built the stroker with that block. If I had to do it today I would look for 360 roller cam block to start with.

340s in good cond are cash cows these days pricy supply demand out if whack.
They are rare in part because they were not sold in the same quantity as the other two major US builders and also because unlike the gm 350 and ford 351 competitive engines, there was never a 2 barrel 340 offered as a non-performance engine, so in order to get a 340, it had to be in a performance car.
Yeah, i don't understand the 340 lust myself.. it's like the chevy guys with 327's and double hump heads.. You can still buy a running 440 with trans for $700 (was one on FB last month) or a 340 block for 2k..

For the numbers matching guys i get it though.. but still..
Its not just numbers matching ppl. There are armies of ppl who think there is some magic in 340s. Some mysterious power making something in the 340s. Baby Hemi, X heads are gold ect. Any other small blocks are sub standard in their eyes.

Forget about the open chamber heads, lack of quench, heavier pistons than a 440, short stroke, excessive cost of 340s ect. Those draw backs do not matter to that crowd. You wont be able to reason and talk any sense to them either. 340s rule, 340s are the best, 360s are inferior, 318s are boat anchors, 273s belong in dumpsters etc. And its a big crowd too. 340 mania, its a real thing.
haha i know bout 318s being boat anchors... that's what i put in my car and i have been told how garbage they are, just started it last night and it has this weird lumpy sound.. and revs too fast :( damn boat anchor! can't wait to make a 390 out of one now :)
Yeah forget about 318 same stroke as a 340 and bore only marginally smaller then a 340. But because they originally had choke heads, low compression, single exhaust they are boat anchors garbage should be junked. They are not suitable starting points ect. And like I said, you can not reason with those ppl. They usually have no clue about building a performance engine, no amount of reasoning or rational thinking, 318s are junk, must be a 340 to be a performance engine.
My son didn’t really get into buying and owning Mopars till he moved to Colorado. Now he has two 340’s, a modified 360, and a 1973 Cuda.
Im new to Mopar, but I went down a similar rabbit hole with a Chevy engine, could have built a more powerful 350cid mill, but I had my heart set on a 283cid, cost more to do up than the 350, but it's what I wanted. Regrets?, Some.... but there was the "I have something you don't. " to it.
And I love little v8s! And opinions are like a-holes, everybody's got one.
And my little 273 is a sweet motor.
Engine in car is 273 mopar, engine on stand 283 chevy.


No one is saying take a 318 over a 340.... yet once again... here we are...