Brazilian Dodge Dart 76 (similar to 69 usa)

I'm using WD40 and diesel do clean up everything.
I've never heard about anything like "marvel mystery oil" in Brazil. The penetration oil most common here is WD40 and similar products.

A friend told me that acetone is the best penetration liquid he knows.

Yesterday I tried to search the "dry ice" approach on google. Didn't find.
How do you use dry ice? direct on top of pistons?

I think that as soon as I clean the engine, it will run smooth
yep, you dry ice the top of the piston a lil and it'll shrink in the bore and make it easier to smack out
As always awesome work Alex.

I did not see the car in the babe picture....even when I looked at it again.

Must be my eyes going bad......:D


First piston moved.. I was able to remove its bolts.

Final result: I still have 4 seized cylinders... but I was able to remove the crankshaft

you give a shot at the dry ice method alex?

I did not found dry ice. Neither found a CO2 fire extinguisher...
at this moment, only 1 cylinder still stuck.

I used a lot of thinner, WD40, diesel... and beat at pistons using a wood piece.

F last piston is really stuck.

I only moved a bit (less than 1mm) to the opposite side. Take a look at the picture.

I did not find Dry Ice in my city.

I will try to use a CO2 fire extinguisher.

tomorrow I will use a hot air blower also. I think that hot air may melt the old oil.
what'd you end up using to get it out?

get it cold was the best option (in my opinion). BUT I did not find dry ice in my city.

I left cylinder resting with brake fluid for about 20 days... then... I followed some tipos to free (really) stuck engine piston

Basically, 1 cup of ATF oil (I used brake fluid) .. 1 cup of gas.. fire in the hole.


I waited 1 night more (cylinder filled with the remainder brake fluid after the fire process)... then, yesterday, I used a really good (and hard) wood piece do beat on the bottom of the piston. I was soo good and soo hard That I brake a piece of the piston.

Ok... f* the piston.. I will buy new parts for that engine. Better pistons with better compression rate.

The final result.. a very good (really very good) engine block

Great job getting that stuck piston out!

I think it could be easier... but, worked!

Now I have to think what to do. I'm pretty sure that I will have to buy all engine parts. for example, new pistons (even if the engine remains std, I broke a piece of this last piston).

uihaaaaaaaaaa :tongue9::tongue9::tongue9::tongue9::tongue9::tongue9::tongue9::tongue9::tongue9::tongue9:

Looking good!!!

Progress, and quite a bit!

I told you to go check the Dart!

And when is the paint coming?

That thing is going to be done before mine, I can tell you that!