Brazilian Dodge Dart 76 (similar to 69 usa)

passenger side (front) is ok now. New shocker... brake caliper in place. Brake flex rose in place.
Drilled floor to install shifter. Linkages are almost 100% ok.

I still need to find a rear brake flex rose to bleed brake.
shifter linkages almost finished... I would rate 90% ok



Amazing thread, keep up the great work. The checkered flags in site.
yesterday I got brakes! I did not bleed brake system yet. What I did? I'm opening bleeders and letting oil leaving brake system. In this process, oil brings some air bubbles with it.
I know I still have to bleed properly. But I was alone. My wife promised help me today.

Bad news are: two connections leaked a very little oil during the night. In fact, only a drop of oil on each one. I was able to tight them a bit more.
Hope no more oil drop leaks!

Ps: the connections with this little leak problem are the "rear output" and "passenger side output" connections of brake splitter. Inputs are ok.. calipers connections are ok. rear splitter is ok... and rear drum brakes are ok.
A lot of old timers and tech articles say that gravity bleeding is the best way to go if you have time to wait.

Regarding your leaks, if your lines or connectors or hoses are new, it helps to crank them down then back off then crank again to seat them. I have stainless lines on mine and they were a beech to seat. It took several times of going back and re-torquing the fittings before I got it all sealed up.

I know you probably already know this but no harm in repeating it.

The beautiful sound of V8 thunder will soon envelope your neighborhood!

After a few "gravity bleeding", my daughter helped me to check bleeding in the traditional way. (last time my wife did... thus, she knows it's a boring task).

Result: everything working as expected! :cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers::cheers:

I've cleaned connectors and tight them a bit more at 11 AM. Until now (10PM) everything clean. I did a lot of pressure on pedals during all day (for example, bleeding process I did after lunch).

Thanks all suggestions and help!
I filled gearbox with new oil (90).
I've also used an aditive (MoS2 Molybdenum disulfide).

As I do not have oil pump... used the old school method

this week I did not work enough.
At least, fuel line is in place.
shifter linkages are also ok. Done!

these minor things consume a lot of time.

Bad news... hydraulic steering rose is leaking. At least it's the oil return rose, which is easier to get a new one.

My daughter help me rivet some piece of metal to hold gas rose. 3 of original sheet metal piece were broken.



4 on floor again :D

moving on the parking garage. Brakes ok.. shifter ok...

Now I'll see what I must prioritize

So close.....when the rubber meets the road you know your gonna be driving soon!

3 days....can it be done?:blob:
Today I sanded steering wheel. Have to paint it.. but my mind isn't in good shape for a coupe of weeks

Alright. Time to slow down and take a breath.......I'm talking about me!

Steering wheels are important. You see them the entire time your driving and you hold them as well. It's important to do them well so you don't regret it later right? So pat yourself on the back, take a break and come back with renewed vigor. There is plenty of time to finish up strong. Si?

Top is my wife's 69 cuda
Bottom is a custom wheel I made for my 67 out of 65, 67 and 69 parts.

You have mucho skills....use them. :)


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well... last week, hydraulic steering rose started leaking. This kind of thing sucks.

Breaks seems to be ok. I just have to adjust passenger side, rear wheel.

shifter linkages are ok. Working pretty fine.

I intend to "put fire" on engine and turn car on parking garage. Don't forget, I still without seats !
Whats wrong with sitting on a milk crate? :D

Leaking hoses suck but even when you get it running and driving you will still have adjustments and repairs to make and that's normal.

Were all just a bit excited to see you get it driving...well I am bad. I don't have a project at the minute so I am living vicariously through yours.

Your doing great so just remember all the work you have already done. The fact that you have done so with limited tools and materials is inspiring. It's truly a remarkable accomplishment.

Lets shoot for August 1. :D