Brazilian Dodge Dart 76 (similar to 69 usa)

I've tested all gears.

things are getting really fun, specially with a little help from my friends.

This weekend I painted a few things.
these knobs was quite challenging...


I masked around knobs, but not in middle.
Today I took a piece of cloth, on a flat wood. Dropped thinner and cleaned outer bezels.
Nice looking knobs for sure. Details count but what about the mechanics? Is it running and driving yet? I thought you were gonna pick me up this weekend so we could go cruising and get some cervesa's :burnout: :D
Yea....your down to the little things now! :blob:

I'm too impatient.....I wish I could reach through the computer to lend you a hand. :D

Cant wait for the photo shoot!

It's been a long uphill road and now you get to drive it down the road. :D
LOL.....f...rain always seems to ruin the fun when it comes to hot rods. Hope it clears up for you. :cheers:
a few pictures from some neighborhoods here in my town (Juiz de Fora Brazil).
According to the news paper, hail felt about 10 miles from my home.


I love those center caps! Does anyone reproduce them?

hi, unfortunately we have 2 problems:
1rst) we do not have these hub caps model reproduction (and they are quite rare to find)
2nd) our wheels bolt pattern are different from standard mopar.. some people say that when chrysler created its factory in Brazil, they used an old Simca (french based car factory) machine to produce wheels.