Brazilian Dodge Dart 76 (similar to 69 usa)

Don't let the weather bum you out....your on track. Little bit every day and it's getting done.

You know it will be soon! :D
Going to a trip in 1-hour.

by night, we're going do drive an a-body for 400miles
can't wait for.
Is the trip in your Dart or another? Im hoping you take a much shorter initial trip for your first cruise in your Dart...
I believe it is not in my blood... But I was lucky to know some amazing people when I was a child. For example, a friend's dad was mechanic and he always have let my friend and me play with his tools.

Still making your own parts I see! It has been a long time since I came to Fabo to look at your progress...but your methods are still great. You always impress me with how wiling you are to build things that you need,and make things work together that don't necessarily want to. You remind me of my best friend here in Canada,who is of
portuguese ancestry. Is ingenuity in your guys blood? Lol...
Not my car.. a friends dart (Brazilian model Dodge Magnum year 1979)

I drove from my city to Belo Horizonte (city I used to live). 250km.
Than we went to Sao Paulo... abtou 600km away from Belo Horizonte.

of course, I drove his car.




Today I came earlier from work to home.. I painted hood trims and rear side panel because they scratched... when I was finishing... weather became strange with strong winds. Well... You may wonder what I must to do now :D
I've glued an EVA foam (don't know if it's called eva in English) to that window limiters.
stock bumpers rent wen I was cleaning these things.

thanks man. Trims are reasonable ok.
Not straight as I wanted, but better than I deserve.
Middle trim is a bit short.
3 speed; manual; floor shifter

unique dodge model in Brazil with this configuration.

tomorrow I'll post photo of front grill final assemble
after a few months, I've found original screws to place rear windows in place.
Now I have to regulate everything. But will do it only when I weld a small crack in windshield column inside.

hope this book pages help someone else


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Dam't .. plastic grill never fits well trims.
Will try more today.. untied everything yesterday by night.. I was tired