Dart loses it ..

That's the 5th one today. Is EVERYBODY wrecking their Darts?
that was hardly the point fishy, it was more of an exaggeration of why he shouldn't
I've watched this 5 or 6 times, several of them frame by frame and just am feeling sick. I'm getting close to driving mine for the first time in 10+ years and I can't even imagine something this bad happening. I want to find the guy filming this and break his face for laughing at someones loss.

Feels like watching someones kid getting hurt. Just hurts my soul........
The laughing is from someone showing off and then having this happen. Does it suck? Of course. But I've done the same, tried to show off and karma bit me in the ***. At the time I was made people were laughing but afterwords, I too could laugh.
from: Alberta CANADA - Stony plain <- town.

damn... stinks man.... really nice car. 1968 dodge dart Hemi set up Hood and all...
wonder if he had the HEMI under the hood...
Dart was kickin' some *** before he dropped the rear.
What you laughing at, punks?
what would cause this?

im going into my garage and tightening down all my rear end bolts.

I seen that an was under the duster today checking some shift linkage i was working on yesterday - you know i was closely inspecting all those rearend bolts i just put in !
Man, I don't care if you're my worst enemy or not, that **** ain't funny. I hope he or she and the car are ok (more the person driving it). People piss me off.
A driver in Stony Plain, Alta., has revealed an apparent weakness with a 'muscle car' &#8212; a back axle that completely fell off.

The dramatic break down happened in the town west of Edmonton earlier this month and was captured on a dashcam video that has since been posted online.

The video shows what appears to be a vintage red Dodge Dart passing the vehicle with the dashcam. The car speeds up, wobbles, then heaves back and forth in the far right lane before bouncing, tipping up onto its front end and losing the entire back axle.

Bart VanRootselaar, owner of The Iron Garage in Stony Plain which specializes in vintage and muscle cars, says he cringes every time he watches the video.

"Actually I drove by it that night that it happened," he said. "I didn't see it happen, but I did see it on the side of the road."

He believes the car is worth more than $50,000 and the amount of the damage significant.

The driver of the Dart is not talking, but the tow company that moved the car told CBC the driver had only owned it for several hours before the mishap.
yeah im not to keen on the hysterical laughing....what if he would have run someone over.... they probably would have laughed harder...wtf
The driver of the Dart is not talking, but the tow company that moved the car told CBC the driver had only owned it for several hours before the mishap

he must have bought his from the guy i bought mine from... my leaf spring rear hanger collapsed in the covered up rotted frame on the way home... i had mine 1 hour...
They were egging him on at the stop light, karma on the way for those nimrods....
I posted another thread in GD asking which one of us this was, that car looks familiar...

in all fairness no one knows what happened before they started filming. maybe the karma went to the right guy? the darts driver could have been being a douchebag before they started filming.