Every now and then, there is still a deal to be had.


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Nov 27, 2007
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First off, its been a while since I have been on FABO. A ton of things have changed in my life since my last post. But those are all stories for other days.

This post is to show that every now and then, you can still find a deal. I just recently was given a lead to a 69 340 Swinger that was sitting only seven miles from where I grew up and has been since 2003. The car is complete with a ton of documentation going clear back to the late 70's. I was fortunate enough to pick the car up for only $500. My point to this story is not to make people envy me, but to show that sometimes with patience, your dream can still be had.

I will be looking for a few things including the correct 340 14x5.5 wheels, rear armrests with ashtrays in black, and possibly the correct steering wheel.

You can see my video here;


Good find!! the 8.75 alone sells for more than that !
Nice snag! Is that a Frantz remote oil filter? Our 67 had that as well, I've got orig paperwork I can scan and email you if you want.
BTW, welcome back
Good to see you Jeremy! I had wondered where you got off too. Welcome back and GREAT score!
I wondered what happened to you, Jeremy.
Well, I watched the video, and I am impressed.
It seems like you have come a long way, Jeremy.
I especially liked your blog for the last 1/3 of the video.
A lot of heartfelt comments on your part which is inspiring to us car guys, not just Mopar guys.
Keep up the good work, and show us progress on your '69 Swinger build.
Yes, I love the car, and you got a genuine steal on it.....
I sure hope you get the window sticker from the last owner. That would be cool.
I would put a black stripe on it when you are finished with it though, I think that it would really make the car pop!
Nice Find, glad that the car is going to a good home, no doubt that you will make it everything that it once was and more.
But seriously, what is up with the PO grandkids? What they did is just terrible.
Good deal! Welcome back.
Sometimes (always) when I find my good deals, the wife always asks" did you notice that tree growing thru the floor (and roof)!!!
Like well...... YEA!!!!!!
Hello everyone. Sorry for the delay in the update. I was working MATS. The grandkids are fairly young, and I think just got bored. I honestly broke all the windows out of a car when I was young as well. Sucks, but happens. Good news is, I did get the window sticker and I also found a very nice build sheet. I am still loving this car. I did manage to get some parts for it and am really hoping to have this car going by the end of next month. We'll see.



J Mac, good to see you back on the site kudos for saving the Dart.