Help me come up with a name for my new 69 Barracuda Drag Car

Some very creative names so far! Keep up the good work.

Americuda is really speaking to me so far as well.
And.. you can play this on the way to the track

"I know you're out there
I can hear you coming"

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Im sure 'Fish Tale' has been used.........I agree that it may be an organic thing. A nickname will come. If you force it, meh, you might be re painting/stickering the car twice. If the car for some reason (just an example) pulls to the left but runs slower if you try to correct it, then you leave it set in its fastest state and call it 'Lefty' .........but ya gotta spend some time with it first?
Seein' Red or go with a Jaws reference and call it Bigger Boat.