I’ll not a mask wearer



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Apr 20, 2016
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Freeport, PA.
But sometimes even I would wear one.

It should be citable as indecent exposer BUTT good luck with that. Gotta think photshop or whatever AI has instore fore us.
Back when I rode my recumbent around a lot, there was some wigger at the local beach who used to waltz around with his pants down to his thighs and his shorts about as far down as you could legally stretch. Evidently the cops could not or would not do anything. I don't think this guy impressed anybody, least of all the teen age girls getting a tan.
Absolute full face mask following that one. She's one fart away from giving someone pink eye....
Sure she's not a "maks" wearer?
She should be arrested for indecent exposure. Or terrorism, she is making everyone ill. :rofl: :rofl:
That’s a new disease going around. It’s called ***-doesn’t-fit-a-dis. Hope they find a cure. For the person that has to see it cause it makes you sick.
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