LCA pivot pin loose in bushing problem



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Dec 18, 2018
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SW Ohio
Went to press pivot pin in lca bushing Moog (K791) from Rock Auto but the pin just slides in. Measured both, the pin measures .810 but the bushing ID measures .813. My question is, should they always press in. Do I have bad Moog bushings, they are brand new. Thanks
Most likely the pin is corroded/undersized. They should have a press fit into the bushing. 65'
The quality of MOOG bushings has been very questionable, these days.
I recommend bushings from Pro Forged.
Rock Auto also has them.

I too, had a bad fitting MOOG LCA bushing that i installed onto one of the control arms that i rebuilt for a customer of mine.
When installing it onto his vehicle, the nut on the shaft wouldn't tighten down properly, due to the shaft "spinning" around in the bushing.
Made it right with him, with Pro Forged bushings, from then on.
Seems lots of folks are running into problems with the manufacturing of the new crop of MOOG parts, sad to say.
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Think I'll return them and get something different. My pins are in perfect shape and measure .810 which is what they should measure. The bushings are probably just oversize a little. Probably should be around .807-.808 guessing. Thanks guys.
Are the bushings already installed or loose on the bench?

My brand new pins were loose in the PST poly-whatever bushings too, after the install. That was 1999 and it doesn't seem to have made a difference.The T-bars keep them in there, but they just spin inside the bushings. They currently have over 125,000 miles turned on, but I haven't looked at them since about 2005, nor have I ever greased them.
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With OE style bushings the pin needs to be a press fit into that metal inner sleeve. If it’s not, they’re junk.

The requirements change if you change bushing materials, but even for the poly and Delrin bushings the pin should fit tightly into the bushing (tight slip fit). Any slop between the bushing and pin is slop in your suspension and will amount to a loose alignment. Plus wear out the bushings faster.
Looked at summit web site. A few peeps have had a problem with these bushings.
Oversized, Undersized. Moog aint what they use to be.
I just installed greaseable pivot pins and bushings
PROFORGED 12010003 Greaseable Polyurethane Lower Control Arm Shaft Kit
worked great
Checked the description on Rock Auto for this Moog bushing. It says the ID is .810 but apparently that's wrong. It's .813 on the ones I got. I think Moog probably isn't what it used to be.
Checked the description on Rock Auto for this Moog bushing. It says the ID is .810 but apparently that's wrong. It's .813 on the ones I got. I think Moog probably isn't what it used to be.

You're not the first person to have this problem. There are a couple other threads about this, one that has pictures of the most recent Moog bushings compared to an older set. They're not the same. Not sure what happened, Moog may have moved production to a new factory and the specs are wrong on the new stuff. Not sure if you have a way to contact Moog, at some point it would be nice if they figured out their new bushings don't fit and correct the manufacturing line.
This has been a problem for a while and well-documented here and other forums. It's why I won't buy anything Moog right now. I recently bought some old stock ACDelco professional from Rock Auto. I bought six and I think they had nine left when I ordered (so three left after my order). If those had not been available I would have bought the ProForged.
I've only run into this once here in Australia and they were that lose you could just about drop the pin in, not sure what brand they were as they weren't marked on the rubber like most are, having said that they were not moog, anyway the Supplier sent me some replacements that were ok, i now use Mackay brand that seem to be in spec.
I make my own pins and delrin bushings. They fit together perfectly as I've set the tolerances to do so.