Let's be honest....

Ok let's be honest I thought about this swap for my 70 duster and I want to go carb.... I realize I need mounts no big deal... The summit swap pan 200... Then probably srt8 headers... Not sure how much they are?? Since I'm going carb what do I need to make it run? Still need a computer??! That's another 250... Then an adapter to make it for to a 727 I think there about 400-500... Plus the actual hemi.... I see you guys post all the time a hemi that runs good for like 500-750?!? Where the heck do you find them?!? All the hemi I see are at least 2000 that run!!! I'm in nj if you know any cheap hemis let me know.... Also being honest how much does this swap cost if going carb? Less that 3000?! That's what it seems looking at all the threads... Please shed some daylight on this... Basically everything to do a carbbed hemi in a 70 duster

The words cheap and hemi do not belong in the same sentence