Mopar kills drifting competition.Honda beware!

how do i get that video to work what do you click on?
Internet explorer. There's not a flash player plugin for Mozilla Firefox that I'm aware of. Hope this helps
I've done that with my tool truck a few times on icy roads. Not on purpose
though LOL Toolmanmike
Now that would be fun!! I had a buddy with a Dodge Dually and he could turn those tires at will.
Take Control? I thought the point of good tires was to PREVENT you from sliding around all over the place!?!?!

I'd like to see that one, hehe.

And guys, I know not all of you understand why drifting is considered a sport and all that, but to be able to do this stuff takes an immense amount of control over the car. It's judged by speed and style really... whatever person puts on the best show. Personally, I am not a huge fan of drifting but it takes a lot of skill. ANd I just watch it because I like to see the charger, camaro, and mustang beat up on some of the tuner cars.