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Dec 4, 2013
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Hey guys, I'm new to this forum and I have a 1967 barracuda handed down to me from my grandfather. Right now it has a Mopar Magnum 360 in it and I am curious as to what thoughts you guys have in regards to this engine. Is it worth building up? heads etc, or would it be better to swap to something else. This is the car as it is right now and it's engine. I have upgraded it to power disc brakes in the front but this is a pic before we put the booster in.


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Beautiful car. Looks from the intake that it's a 360, looks just like my early crate 360/380. I love mine.
Need to know what has been done to the motor. There's quite a bit of potential in the magnum motors. Headers right off the bat would really help.
Thats the thing. I honestly don't know. I'm pretty sure by the sound it has a different cam. Will put up a video so you can hear as well ASAP
Welcome to the site,, you'll find lots of knowledgeable, helpful folks here..

That's a very, very nice car ,, more pix pls.. and that 360 will be fine, as is, or as a base, .....

thnx for sharing,, keep us posted, cheers

PS.. if you go to the forums page,, and choose a title. say "small block tech",, there is a "search" tab there,, to help zero in on any questions you may have..

hope it helps..
Headers are a BIG plus in the power department. 2-1/2 exhaust pipe should follow.
Porting the head would also be a big help. If the heads have a "R/T" cast I to them, those are very good heads to port.
If those to items do not give you enuff power, change the cam.

Does your torque converter match up with everything.
What gears are in the rear?
Where would the R/T be stamped into the head? And I don't know what gears are in. I heard you can get a rough estimate by the rpms at a certain speed but other than that I do not know.
I am not sure about the torque converter. It's a 727 torqueflite. I have yet to pull it apart or anything.
The R/T is not stamped but cast into the head, or if you will embossed.
Head porting prices vary by region and level of porting done/needed. And work needed to the head prior to porting.

Click here for an idea. --->
While you're educating yourself on Mopar engines and figuring out what you have, get some headers on that thing! Judging from looks (mainly the single-plane intake) you would probably pick up around 30+ HP with a set of TTI or Doug's headers.

A good place to start for info is the Mopar Performance Engines manual, you can get them for $10 online. Check out
Looks like a 360 crate motor.My brothers 360 crate motor had a factory tag on it "DO NOT USE EXHAUST MANIFOLDS USE HEADERS ONLY!'' I would change out the manifolds for sure....
What do you suggesting porting wise? I'm still new to all of these numbers and what they mean.

Porting wise? What is the intended purpose of the car?
Street strip machine?
Are you interested in changing the cam for a larger one? Will you also change the stall converter and rear gears to match?
Purpose: A street car that is still fun to drive at the strip. All in good time with the enough money I will probably change the gears. I think it has enough cam, will post a video next week. I'm at school right now and my brother has it in his garage.
anyone know what all would need to be done to get headers put on? The manifolds are welded to the exhaust pipes. I just want to change the headers because the rest is a good flow master system with openable side dumps that you can see behind the door.
This is where that "search" button would be handy,.. in the exhaust section

and check out some "speed shops" in your area,, for a reference to a good local muffler shop, would be a good idea..

hope it helps.. cheers
Nice car!

If you decide you want to change motors for some reason, I would be interested in that one! I'm just down the road.
manifolds welded to the pipes?? Man-that's talent! lol

Keller? As in Keller, Texas?

Welcome to the site, dude! I'm sure we all look forward to hearing about and seeing more pics of that fine looking '67
A exhaust system worth the price and adding the best power and advantage that such systems can deliver less me to one choice. TTI's front to back.
Yeah,, I just got a set of TTI's for a friend,, polished ceramic,, very very nice..

He took them home to hang on his wall till we install them .. lol
...Don't do anything until you spend some time playing with it and finding out what you have.
...have you driven it yet to get an idea of how the car performs?