Opinions on new wheel color


Mar 25, 2022
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Upper Mojave Desert, Kalifornia
Thinking about changing the color of my wheels to a gloss black and adding trim rings. General thoughts would be appreciated.

Are trim rings created equal, or are some sources better than others. Thanks

IMG_1619 2.jpeg
I am generally not a big fan of body color wheels, however, with a yellow car, more black than it already has could lead to the dreaded bumblebee look.
I vote to leave the yellow. I think it looks great. If you are undecided just buy a can of that peelable spray paint in black. If it doesn’t look right to you just peel it off. If it looks good to you paint or powder coat them permanently.
Your car looks great as is but I totally understand the desire to change it up. Since you are on west coast many of the Les Schwab tire centers have a kiosk in showroom that you go to the screen type or pick year of your car and it’s color and you can put any color or style wheel on you want digitally. It loads the pix so you can look at it. It was a great tool for me when I could not figure out what wheel to put on mine. It is amazing software, you might check it out?
Thanks for all the thoughts, with some being spot on as maybe I'm just looking at a change...... Now thinking it's best to leave it alone. Or maybe later, buy something aftermarket with tires that could easily be swapped out. Of course, something old school traditional
you wont find trim rings for those deep (looking) rims. How about just running chrome lug nuts? Show off more of those yellow rims.
I have a set of black steelies with caps for my blue car, but they are black only because I also run them on my yellow roadrunner, that came with black wheels.
I would NOT redo your wheels in black, (never really liked the black wheel look on most cars) especially since your current setup looks so good.
I would get another set of wheels to change to, just to change things up. I like the above rallye wheel suggestion.
(I'm assuming you still have sbp) edit: maybe not, with cop wheels. If you have bbp, you have LOTS more wheel choices.
Leave them yellow.
Trim rings? May as well start dressing as Elton John.
Leave them body color...just did this to mine and absolutely love the body colored wheels...


saw a set of "cop wheels" like that last week at a show with rallye cone style (70-71) centers and they looked great... more food for thought