1. 19DUSTER73

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    May 29, 2010
    Chehalis, WA
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    Old combo ran 6 years ago.
    Car- 73 Duster
    Weight - completely stripped with cage added, all steel. Plexiglass door windows and front windshield.
    Gear ratio- 4.31 suregrip
    Tire diameter 28.5
    RPM through trap- I wanna say around 6200
    MPH through traps -115
    ET- 11.64

    Engine CID 365"
    Head Type- j heads
    Valve size- 2.02/1.60
    Head Work- port match, exhaust ports worked over
    Cam Manufacturer- Comp Cams
    Cam specs at 50- 244/244
    Carb type and size- 750 proform
    PV Rating-none
    Jet sizes- 86H/86H
    Plug number and brand- champion
    Intake Manifold Type- Victor 340
    Piston Make- kb 107
    Compression Ratio- wanna say it was around 10.4

    Trans type- 727
    Trans Mods- ta rmvb
    Convertor type- torco
    Convertor stall- 3500
    Trans Brake- none

    Drive shaft- stock

    No idea on the timing been awhile

    Rear end type- 8 3/4
    New combo. Only pass I made was a second gear launch in front of the house. Blew the tires off. Not sure what it will run. She sure sounds good though.

    Car- same
    Weight- same with the addition of an S60 rear
    Gear ratio- 4.88
    Tire diameter-28

    Engine CID-371
    Head Type-same
    Valve size- same
    Head Work- full home ported job 255/175@.500
    Cam Manufacturer-Bullet
    Cam specs at 50-270/274
    Carb type and size- same
    Plug number and brand- cold ngk
    Intake Manifold Type-Victor 340
    Piston Make- kb191
    Compression Ratio- 12.98-1

    Trans type-727
    Trans Mods- 5 disc 15 springs front drum, red clutches and bands, 3.8 lever, blocker rod TA rmvb, ultimate sprag, blanket, deep pan.
    Convertor type- Dynamic
    Convertor stall- 5000
    Trans Brake- none

    Drive shaft- strange 1350 u jonts
    Rear end type- strange s60
  2. Hot Metal

    Hot Metal '69 440 Cuda

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    Dec 21, 2014
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    11:31 PM
    An old combo from 1990>

    Car 1969 Cuda
    Weight 3350@the line
    Gear ratio 4.88
    Tire diameter 32
    RPM through trap 6650
    MPH through traps 125
    ET 10.71..NA

    Engine CID 446
    Head Type 906
    Valve size 2.14/1.81
    Head Work MP template ported
    Cam Manufacturer COMP
    Cam specs at 50 290/290
    Carb type and size 850
    PV Rating 2.5
    Jet sizes 86/94 no pv
    Plug number and brand NGK 7
    Intake Manifold Type TEAM G
    Piston Make TRW REPLACEMENT 6-PK
    Compression Ratio 10.5, actual 9.9

    Trans type 727
    Trans Mods FMVB
    Convertor type A1
    Convertor stall 4800
    Trans Brake NO

    Drive shaft stock or aftermarket STOCK

    Initial timing 12
    Total timing 37
    Total advance at what RPM 2500

    Rear end type 8-3/4
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