[ATTENTION] Secret Santa 2017

Tried to ship to my guy!
May have a bad address. Reached out to Santa to verify.
I have a box ready to go!!!

Doing some leg work to try to find out whats going on... I'll message you when I hear back.
Got mine the other day........ A big ol' box..... It will be

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Hope SS does not mind but had to wrap mine... that brown box was'nt doing it for me. first thing under the tree

The elves finally got my gift to my victim finished. It will be shipped tomorrow AM and will be delivered in time.
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And my gift arrived about a week ago from my Secret Santa.
My wife opened it by mistake thinking it was a Christmas card.
Thanks, Santa! Very generous gift of a Gift Card to SummitRacing.com!
It will be very well used!!!
Got an envelope marked "do not bend" today.
Wife is going nuts wanting me to open it. I'm not budging! I like this part better!
Well, I now know who my Secret Santa is!

I got my box yesterday but will be waiting to open it until Christmas Eve or Christmas.
I did message a couple of you that I have not seen any shipping confirmation from. Please check your messages just in case. Thank you.
Yep, I have gotten you both as being on the nice list. Only 4 people I have not seen anything from...