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Can be super annoying... ask @jaws Colorado had the most relentless periods of wind...
wind freaks me out.. i have 40+' pines in my yard, like 15 of them.. and i am always scared of them coming down.... This **** coming through right now was like WHAM
whats funny is my house is bout 5 miles from work, just pulled up the cameras and almost no winder there yet... just starting to come in
Went from clear to this in bout 10 seconds
Can you imagine still making payments on your brand new truck and having it all rusted out????? Nope. I will be hunting a truck by @Princess Valiant when I need to replace miine.
My Avalanche is blowing through the paint everywhere. Front fenders are terrible. Like 22 or 24 gauge sheet metal. Studebaker is almost rust Fargo is good.