Stop in for a cup of coffee

Nothing to report here on the hill, about to loose my cousin and Mopar brother just 40 miles away, we have been very tight the last 45 years, some may remember his mopars I have posted

PEACH ORCHARD 2010 ramcharger 003.jpg
Looking at USAC/CRA Sprint Car schedule, the track operators here must have determined that racing here on the 27th is not going to happen. It was still pretty floody there last I looked. So they shoot for a 2 day show in early July. One nice thing bout being near the beach, track doesn't have to take summer time off to keep from cooking their customer/spectators :rofl:
Morning everyone, 75deg yesterday, freezing drizzle and 29 this morning. Coffee and oatmeal kind of day.
Well looks like I have to have another knee surgery. My meniscus are torn. Same knee as the other surgery on my ACl, LCL and PCL.