Which A-bodies do big blocks fit best in?

My ‘74 Dart Sport tips the scales about 3120 with me in it, all steel and glass hood is the only fiberglass.
My 505'' , 727 , dana 60 , 68 fastback weighed 3270 with a half tank of gas , fullbucket seat /console , 6 point cage , business coupe ...
NONE. They're all a *****.
Take ya at least a day to remove the engine, but a small block comes right out. Headers are a nitemare, no matter what brand. You will be heating and pinging them to fit for days.

Take it from a guy who has raced a 440 Dart for years...Getcha a hot small block.
You'll be one very happy Camper.

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I have to disagree. I did a 440 in a 74. kept the power steering. Shumacher headers and make my own power steering pump bracket. The cast aluminum valve covers hit the bigger blower motor of th eAC car. I modified a fan motor with a universal squirrel cage. EASY.
My 68 fastback has a low deck 451 stroker with power steering fits just right.


with raised port heads , no blower motor in engine compartment will work in a 68 barracuda ...
???? a day to get the motor out? really? i could get a big block out just as fast as a small block. maybe faster because the bell housing bolts sre so much easier to get to on tbe big block. i used pro parts headers on my demon and didn't have to put any dings in them at all. the 64 valiant i had custom headers made and they were easy as hell to get on and off.
My 440/505 is in the stock location, determined by the factory trans. mount , with victor type heads on it , there is very little room on the pass. side , can just slide you fingurs between the head and fire wall , but the wiring harness cross over there , barely room for it ....
The trans to engine bots are a ***** in a 68 barracuda in my opinion , if doing it over I`d use spacers between the k frame and frame rails , like the factory hemi cars did ...
If doing it over , I`d more likely build a big small block , way more room !!!

And dont even think about changing even a mini starter in it with 2'' headers , w/o taking the drivers side completly loose ...Put a good mini starter in it to start with ,
"dont scrimp on that !! "

And Joe , you cant even get the header bolts off of mine as fast , or the trans. bolts !!
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I put a low deck 512 in my '72 Duster. It is a tight fit but if you have the experience and the tools you can make it work. I think '73 and newer would be even easier since you get the better steering linkage.

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Here's a picture of my 505" in a 1968 Dart 270. Previous owner did all the work so I don't know how hard it was but looking at everything it looks like it wasn't too bad. Everything is pretty tight but I think I can manage. Headers fit but are real close. Hope they never have to come off. LOL.

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