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I’m interested in one clutch master cylinder mounts if you have any left ?
68 A
68 A
I do. I tried to PM but your inbox was full. Paypal $110 to [email protected] with your address and I can ship this week. Thanks, Steve
ISO Mobile Mopar Mecanic, driveshaft, camshaft, and leak prevention help. 318-904-7¼. Please need to get driving. Have all hard parts. Thankyou
Spent last nine months getting together a 60gal compressor, a RapidAir air hose kit to plumb the shop, more lighting in the shop, a water based parts washer, and sandblast cabinet. Also got plenty of firewood for the stove so short of locking myself in the shop until spring, I will at the least be spending a ton of hours out there this winter.
Hello gentlemen, (I use the word loosely), lol... Hope all is well with everyone and their families...
The Scamp is back on the road daily driving. Already sold it and I'm currently preparing to give her a custom paint job. My friend is an avid Indian motorcycle guy, so, I'm doing a one-off Indian tribute paint job... pic's to come soon...
Hey Dan,
Per all the posts, you seem to be the MAN on slant 6's! I have a question for you. I have a'66 Dart, slant 6 w/ 4 speed. I want to make it a hot street machine. Planning on some serious head work, 4 bbl and Dutra exhaust. What over-size valves can I install without notching the pistons or running into any other kind of interference problems?
Have a great day.
I am just like an old hit n Miss engine. I never know when I will be back. Too many irons in the fires.
Hello, It looks like you offer restoration service for Barracuda grill's based on some of the posting's here. If so can you restore a set of '67 Barracuda grill's and headlamp bezel's ?
Can you give me a cost with shipping to 17512 ?
I would be happy to send pic's if you like.
Have you posted any of your work ?
Thanks, Jim
Aloha, I have a friend in the states that is looking for this type of burn cream the we was told is sold in your neck of the woods. Please let me know if you can Help. Mahalo C
Hi Chris, I googled it and it says Costco and Walmart sells it. It may be a different brand name or the generic kind. Kim
Aloha, problem is u need a vet prescription and it's works well for him
But he has no pets
In Canada, he was told you can buy off the shelf.
Sorry brah, I was just trying to help a brother out
This profile pic of my 340 was taken this year in June 2022. I purchased this fine machine in 2004 and have done a 1/2 dozen updates.
Hi Leo
This is Lonnie Leach I sent you a set of 73 Duster hinges to you on 9/12 and was wondering how thing are going ?