Here are a couple of videos showing the method I use to remove and then mount a tire by hand. Always use care when handling tires. It's not something you want to just jump in and do if you don't have any experience. Best to find an old tire and wheel to practice on before you go straight to what you're wanting to change, as there is a level of skill involved.



My apologies for the air compressor kicking in. Since what I was saying is important, here it is pretty much in a nutshell. I was talking about how important it is to lube the tire beads up so the beads will pop out properly on the wheel. You will notice a line or mark all the way around the sidewall down low very close to the wheel on both sides. This is a reference to assure the tire is properly seated on the wheel. If the mark or line is continuous and parallel to the wheel lip all the way around, it's popped out good. However, if you see the mark basically "disappear" under the wheel lip in a spot, that is an area where it is not popped out properly. I always let the air back out and break it back down and lube it up really good and air it back up and it will more than likely pop right out. Hope yall have enjoyed this.