How To: Saginaw Power Steering Pump Rebuild

  1. MrJLR
    Pretty darn simple

    Mopar in it's natural state

    Disconnect the battery. ..always.
    Pull the pump. 2 hoses and 2 bolts.
    The tensioner bolt goes into a water jacket so prepare for that mess...

    Now, first pull off the pulley.
    I bought a Walmart puller - don't. It's crap. It stripped out and never even pulled the pulley. No problem, Walmart gave me my money back.
    I rented one for free (deposit) at the parts store and the pulley came right off. Picture of the puller I used for my Saginaw pump.

    PS Pump Pulley Tool.jpg

    Next, take the tank off.

    And here is the pump

    Use a c-clamp to compress the cap a little and remove the retaining clip.

    At this point, gently tap the pulley shaft and it all comes out of the casting.

    The "rebuild" only consists of replacing a few o-rings and a seal ...I didn't photograph the o-rings....just remove one, go to you kit and find the match and put it in...couldn't get any easier.

    Then reassemble it the way it came apart...there's not many parts, just take it apart carefully and it's very simple.

    Note: there are 10 vanes in the rotating shaft...if you look carefully one side is square and one side is rounded...the ROUNDED side goes out...else you will prematurely wear out the pump.


    Ran out of time. ..I'll reinstall it tomorrow.


    Forgot to mention the rebuild kit is only like $15....


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