I read a lot of conflicting information prior to changing to the 1.03 Bars.

When all said in done it was pretty easy, Here are steps I used:

1. Jack up car so front tires are off the ground and support with jack stands. remove wheel tire for easy access - picture #1
2. Loosen nut for lower control arm Picture #2 This allows to move freely and prevent any extra binding
3. release all pressure on height adjuster bolt/block and remove if desired picture #3
3. Take clip out at rear of torsion bar picture #4
4. Slide out torsion bar or use clamp and help along with hammer (see picture) I made one out of aluminum Picture #5

Assemble reverse of removal. remember boot, letters to rear and correct location left and right side.

My understanding is then to install new bars have lettering to rear and make sure to have left side and right side in correct position. Use never seize - light coat was recommendation as far as lubrication.

Position adjustor arm just above the opening for the block and turn up until hex/clocking matches back and front (slides into position).

The new bars are clocked 20 degrees when sliding into lower control arm I just had adjusting arm just above the opening for the adjustment block and bolt. when new torsion bars in place I just snugged up and will adjust to desired height once jack stands removed and lowered.

Hope this helps and job was much easier than anticipated - hope it is for you also if you see anything missed please note for fellow members