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  1. bvt69dart

    Need help on 340 motor mounts

    Thanks to everyone, I have it figured my problem out. I have a 340 block that the PO put 318 mount brackets on. Another example on how well this site works on technical issues! (1Fast340, krazykuda you guys rock)
  2. bvt69dart

    Need help on 340 motor mounts

    Will the 318 bracket fit on a 340 block? I think that may be the problem!
  3. bvt69dart

    Need help on 340 motor mounts

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^This is my problem!^^^^^^^^^ I had to use a large pry-bar to force mount towards front of car to seat stud in k-frame.
  4. bvt69dart

    Need help on 340 motor mounts

    Thanks for all the information, I was thinking that there was a difference on motor mount brackets between 318 and 340. At least on the drivers side. The biscuit mounts are listed the same for 273, 318 and 340. does anyone have a picture of your drivers side 340 mount brackets?
  5. bvt69dart

    Need help on 340 motor mounts

    Thanks for your reply. Trans mount lines up. And as far as I can tell, this is an original 340 car and engine.
  6. bvt69dart

    Need help on 340 motor mounts

    My new project, "68 formula S Barracuda, has a problem with drivers side motor mount lining up. I took pictures to show you what's happening. It looks like the drivers side needs to move forward about 1/2". Please advise. The passenger side lines up fine! Thanks in advance.
  7. bvt69dart

    1990 la roller question

    Subscribed, great info!
  8. bvt69dart

    head flow

    That puts a smile on my face this morning, Nice combo & Great Power!
  9. bvt69dart

    Mechanical fuel pumps

    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^! I've had mine for ten years now with no problems!
  10. bvt69dart

    Show off your 318's****

    Here is my 318 with a Denzo alternator.
  11. bvt69dart

    Motor Mount Bolt Size?

    The "Duchess of Bolts"! I'm impressed!!!
  12. bvt69dart

    The Stay At Home Dad 273 Build.

    Nice looking build! I like your daughters reaction. (YEAH) And very sweet looking car also!
  13. bvt69dart

    IMM and MRL Guys

    Two examples of what makes this site Great! Thank You Both!
  14. bvt69dart

    New 416" street/track motor just fired up! (pics, vids, specs)

    I agree! I like the nostalgic Trans Am style breathers.
  15. bvt69dart

    273 Commando intake question

    You have a Great looking B'cuda there 1974DartSwinger! I like the original look.
  16. bvt69dart

    ported my 318 heads

    Nice job so far Timo
  17. bvt69dart

    It's finally red!

    Leanna, you nasty! I luv ya!
  18. bvt69dart

    First time post engine rebuild advice please

    Welcome to FABO. This is a great site for any MOPAR questions!
  19. bvt69dart

    318 2bbl manifold swap with OE cam - worth it?

    There is nothing wrong with starting your upgrades with the underpinnings. It really motivated me to continue on with the rest of the car. Just one thought, plan on the performance you want carefully, or it becomes (more of) a money pit. My .02
  20. bvt69dart

    intake switch.

    That "stuff" is carbon, and that port is part of the exhaust cross-over. It's designed to warm the manifold faster for fuel economy. The extra holes are for an EGR system. needs to be blocked off to work properly in your application.
  21. bvt69dart

    Vacuum advance on 318

    Yea, what he said! Good luck.
  22. bvt69dart

    Balancer Question

    Thanks, and merry christmas swing69. Brock
  23. bvt69dart

    Balancer Question

    When I took my 318 block to the machine shop for .30 over pistons and a balance of the rotating assembly, they asked me for the balancer and torque converter w/flex plate. My question is, I want to install a new SFI approved balancer. Will I need to have the rotating assem. re-balanced? Thanks...