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  1. billccm

    1963 Dodge Dart 270 Convertible for the Wife

    I'm surprised you knew who Jay Leno was......
  2. billccm

    Radio Conversion feedback

    Redi Rad is the low cost solution for connecting the phone or tablet to the existing car radio. They work well and everyone I know that has one is satisfied. The downside is sound quality. A radio conversation is basically a modern Kenwood radio adapted to the old hardware controls. They sound...
  3. billccm

    San Antonio, TX Mopar Dealer

    I usually just send a money order in the mail when someone refuses to take credit card over the phone.
  4. billccm

    Radio am to fm conversion

    If you like your AM radio try a Redi Rad for connectivity.
  5. billccm

    Tachometer Question

    Contact They are very helpful.
  6. billccm

    New "Bluetooth only" stereo install

    I have quite a few friends that are happy with the Redi Rad adapter.
  7. billccm

    Thumb wheel radio

    I use a fine wire to close the gap in the gear and then JB Weld to keep it all together. About 90% of the time fresh capacitors bring these back to life. The other times are new clutch for the tuner, output transistor, or phonelic circuit board crack.
  8. billccm

    Not an A, but considering buying it.

    For 6 grand why not?
  9. billccm

    63 Dart Radio issue

    The audio amplifier can become unstable and oscillate if voltage dips under 8, or 9V or so. A brief interruption in voltage to the amplifier can also make it take off and sing. May be driving around is aggravating a loose connection in the feed or ground? Since the radio has been serviced I'm...
  10. billccm

    instrument voltage regulator

    I have used the LM7805 and Tobsun with good results, but keep in mind you get short circuit protection with the solution. Also, the solution is not a linear regulator, but rather a switching circuit similar to the original mechanical IVR. They did some great engineering...
  11. billccm

    instrument voltage regulator
  12. billccm

    MC Pushrod Removal

    Take the saddle off your floor jack. Place the rod through the saddle hole. Use a 1/4 extension through the rod hole. Jack until the rod pops out.
  13. billccm

    Turn signal switch

  14. billccm

    Turn signal switch

    Daniel Stern Lighting has mopar reproduction switches. He used to be Slantsixdan on fabo. Daniel Stern Lighting Consultancy and Supply
  15. billccm

    8 3/4 U-bolt question

    Mancini racing has the correct U Bolts.
  16. billccm

    Portable Air/Fuel Ratio meter

    Mechanical engineer I work with made this and I tried it. It needs to be in the tailpipe with the car running for quite sometime before the AFR readings are stable. I think it worked well for a shade tree solution.
  17. billccm

    Anybody gonna watch today’s NASCAR race

    When NASCAR said they wanted to move away "from a southern boys fan base" because of racism I stopped following.
  18. billccm

    Failure or success with Jeg's or Summit branded ( china ) parts

    I've got Summit Racing mufflers on the road runner and satisfied. The local mom and pop exhaust shop talked me into them and said they were the best bang for the buck. Having said that I prefer name brand stuff the majority of the time.
  19. billccm

    Any post war Television Repairmen here?

    I was the 2nd to the last graduating class in vocational school for TV and Radio repair. That was 1981. I worked in a TV repair shop from 1979 to 1983. That vintage of TV had a ion trap for the CRT and the CRT is most likely very weak. The fly back is the next item to puke after that...
  20. billccm

    AM/FM radio and wire identification

    Bendix radio. I have the factory service manual for the early series. Repaired many over the years and have one being shipped to me now for repair. These are AM radios that have kludge FM as a quick and dirty after thought. FM performance is far from good. I actually hate working on them as the...
  21. billccm

    Buying a 4 Post Lift advice

    I second wildfire. Great company and great people.
  22. billccm

    Advice / pointers on replacing valve seal

    I ordered this tool COMP Cams 5324 COMP Cams Shaft Mount Valve Spring Compressors | Summit Racing
  23. billccm

    Advice / pointers on replacing valve seal

    Thank you. I just tried the tool I borrowed and it is too cumbersome. I'm ordering the tool you recommended now. Happy New Year.
  24. billccm

    Advice / pointers on replacing valve seal

    I'm not the OP, but thanks for the reply.
  25. billccm

    Advice / pointers on replacing valve seal

    So I borrowed a spring compressor from a friend (mine was loaned out years ago and never coming back). He said he forgot how to use the tool. Anyone know how this works?
  26. billccm

    Advice / pointers on replacing valve seal

    Best to use: Ace 100 ft. Cotton Clothesline - Ace Hardware
  27. billccm

    Advice / pointers on replacing valve seal

    I forgot what size socket for the crank bolt? It is 1 1/8?