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    [FOR SALE] 8 3/4 suregrip

    What condition are the gears in? Can't tell from the picture. Any more info you have about its condition would be helpful. I am in the 93420 area code; this is where it would need to be shipped.
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    [FOR SALE] 8 3/4 suregrip

    I'm very interested. Any more pics?
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    [FOR SALE] 3.23 Suregrip center chunk - 650.00

    Lou, its David Montanaro; please contact me by email or phone: [email protected] (805)459-7303
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    [FOR SALE] 3.23 Suregrip center chunk - 650.00

    Sold! Please contact me to arrange pmt/shipping, etc.. Dave [NO phone #s. Use the message feature]
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    [SOLD] 8.75 gears 489 case

    I would like to buy this part. I would like to know if it needs any work or if it's ready to install. Thanks.
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    [FOR SALE] Mopar a body rear

    Is this unit sold? I'm working on a '65 cuda with the rear end you're looking for to roll your car around on and I'm in need of this rear end.
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    65 Barracuda engine swap

    I've got the same car and went through what you're going through. My 273 had low compression in a couple of cylinders, barely ran, and the 904 cable-shift leaked. I decided to do a 360 magnum engine swap and have since learned how quickly the $$$ add up. When my project is done, it'll have a...
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    [FOR SALE] Mopar small block windage tray - new

    I'd like to use this part on my 360 magnum build. Is it for a 360?
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    66 Barracuda, 66 Valiant Signet, 65 Valiant Signet

    looking for four-speed pedal assembly for '65 cuda. Do you have?
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    1965 valiant signet 273 car 4 speed parts or whole

    padal assembly still avail?
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    [FOR SALE] 8 3/4 suregrip

    I'm Very interested... Will this fit in my '65 Cuda? If you provide me with measurements from outside to outside of breaks and outside to outside of perches I'll compare
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    [SOLD] Kelsey Hayes Disc Brakes Conversion

    I would like to buy these from you for my '65 cuda.
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    [FOR SALE] Complete 340 and trans.

    I'm very interested if it's still for sale. I am close enough to come and pick it up. Please let me know. Thanks
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    [FOR SALE] 1973 340 engine & 727 trans

    Still have the engine and trans?
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    [SOLD] Complete, fresh 360 engine

    Any idea what it would cost to ship this engine to California?
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    5.9 FI Magnum swap in 73 swinger

    Good info here. I've been looking for a Magnum 360 to swap into my '65 Barracuda and found that my Brother-in-law has the same jeep you've used and agreed to donate it to the cause... Thanks for the wiring diagrams!
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    [FOR SALE] Hurst shifter

    Will this fit in my '65 Cuda with 904 cable shift tranny?
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    Using mustang rotors for 4.5" bc

    Oh yeah, forgot to include that this is for my '65 cuda...
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    Using mustang rotors for 4.5" bc

    Good stuff guys! I'm looking to upgrade my drums (front) to disk as well as change out the bolt pattern to 4.5; questions are: 1. What conversion kit should I get or should I look for the vintage 4-piston setup and do the above mustang conversion (money's an issue...); 2. The last post...
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    65 Dart 273 Engine Rebuild

    Sorry about the last post. Meant to send a quick note to one of your reply's sender. Great thread though and good luck with your project.
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    65 Dart 273 Engine Rebuild

    I've got a '65 Cuda that I'm fixin' up. It does have a red interior and carpet that's in great shape except for in the trunk area so I may be interested in some of your parts. Also, the rubber for the doors is something I'll need. Do you know where to get the seals and "swipers" for the...
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    '65 Cuda: What's in my car?????

    Hi guys, I've got a '65 cuda with a 2-barrell 273 and an automatic. The questions are: 1. How do I tell what transmission I have (I was told it is probably a 904)? 2. What rear end do I have? Your help is greatly appreciated!
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    '65 Cuda - 273 rebuild or swap?

    My '65 Cuda has a 2-bbl 273 that's barely runs (low compression in #2 and #7). Parts for this motor don't seem easy to come by; especially performance parts. I like the idea of rebuilding the existing motor like a commando but I'm not really sure what it's going to take or where to get the...