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  1. 70Swinger440

    Bellhousing VIN question

    Thanks for the help, guys.
  2. 70Swinger440

    Bellhousing VIN question

    Do the bellhousings for manual transmissions have the VIN stamped on them, and if they do, where is it located? I have two bellhousings and have someone who needs one. I don't want to possibly sell off the numbers-matching one for my car. Thanks.
  3. 70Swinger440

    Dana 60 gear carrier question

    Okay. It must be a late carrier. I know 8 3/4 carriers were 30, just wasn't sure about Dana. I know it came out of a B-Body Dana, just wasn't sure if it was stock. Thanks for the reply
  4. 70Swinger440

    Dana 60 gear carrier question

    I have what I thought was a factory Sure Grip center section for a Dana 60. I counted the splines, and got 35. I thought the factory carriers were 30 spline, but I'm not sure. Is this a factory center section? Any pointers to look for about what I have is appreciated.
  5. 70Swinger440

    Manual Washer Pump

    My '70 340 Swinger originally had the manual pump. The pump is still on the floor, but the rest of the setup is removed.
  6. 70Swinger440

    Return regulator and line size

    Hello all. I am looking for a return-style fuel pressure regulator. I am running a pair of 1964 Carter 3705 AFB carbs on a Stage II Ramcharger cross ram. I have a 1/2" line from my pumps up to the front of the car. What size return line should I run, and what regulator do you all recommend? I...
  7. 70Swinger440

    When does money outweigh sentimental value? 1968 notchback build thread

    Whenever you use tape pinstripe, always put a dab of clear nail polish at the ends. It holds the tape down, and it's almost invisible.
  8. 70Swinger440

    If you could only pick......

    Day two look, so some variety of vintage mags.
  9. 70Swinger440

    My first car

    Car in my avatar pic. '70 Swinger 340 4-spd. car. My first car, bought it in 1995, when I was 17. It had a warmed up 340 with a 727 and a 4.56 8 3/4 when I bought it. It also came with the numbers matching 340 and 4-speed. It was set up as a late '70s style street racer, and that's how I like...
  10. 70Swinger440

    Don't ever use a Haynes manual for anything other than kindling

    I had a Hayne's manual for my 1973 Triumph 750 Bonneville. There were several pictures in it of a motorcycle being worked on that wasn't even a Triumph. Someone gave it to me. After discovering those pictures, it went right in the trash.
  11. 70Swinger440

    Let's talk... Ironhead Sportsters

    People talk about buying a dirtbike or a small displacement bike to start, and how you are going to get hurt, blah blah blah....don't let it get to you. When I was 16, I learned how to ride on a 1976 Harley Electra-Glide, which belonged to my dad. My dad and I built a 1973 Triumph 750...
  12. 70Swinger440

    Bullitt returns to the big screen

    Went to see this tonight. Wife and I were the first ones in the theatre, 1/2 hour before showtime. When the movie started, there were 11, that's right, 11 people in the theatre. I guess people don't appreciate the great classics. That being said, it was FANTASTIC to see one of my favorite...
  13. 70Swinger440

    Where did all the 1970-71 Darts go?

    I have my '70 Swinger 340. I parted out a '72 6 cylinder Swinger a few years ago. My uncle owned a '70 Swinger 340 car in the late '70s-early '80s, we still know where that car is. And just a little while ago today, I was working in my garage, and a B5 blue '70 340 car drove past my garage...
  14. 70Swinger440

    Bullitt returns to the big screen

    I'm off from work for the Sunday showing, so I'm going! (I work 12 hour shifts, so every other weekend. Boo.)
  15. 70Swinger440

    Camping in Bedford, PA this weekend

    Went through there a few weeks ago, travelling on the Turnpike. Only saw what I could see from the windshield of a U-Haul truck. I did find a classic rock station that played some kick-*** music. Don't remember the station, though. Lol.
  16. 70Swinger440

    Do You Miss Your Appendix?

    The summer I turned 16, I started getting stomach aches and pain in my abdomin, that got more intense as the week went by. I never said anthing to my parents, but one day I told my best friend. One night, I kept waking up all night, thinking I had to go to the bathroom, and feeling very hot. One...
  17. 70Swinger440

    Chrysler Nationals at Carlisle 2018

    Great show this year, lots of beautiful cars. One particularly beautiful car was a pearl orange '70 Swinger, parked at the end of the stage. I don't know if it belongs to a member here, but if it does, you have a really pretty car. Had a great day with my dad and some friends.
  18. 70Swinger440

    Question of the day why did you pick Mopar and why in a body

    I've told it before, but I became a Mopar guy because my dad was. He street and bracket raced a '63 Polara 500 with a 13.5:1 426 Ramcharger, drove many different Mopars for daily drivers in the 70's, then he bracket raced a 440 powered funny car in the 80's. I picked an A-body because my Dart...
  19. 70Swinger440

    Centerline Autodrags

    As one of my favorite styles of wheels, I can say I'll be keeping mine.
  20. 70Swinger440

    Photoshop help needed for wheels....

    Those wheels look way better on your car. It looks meaner and more vintage that way. She's a beauty.
  21. 70Swinger440

    Photoshop help needed for wheels....

    Yeah, that's the look. Your car looks mean.
  22. 70Swinger440

    Photoshop help needed for wheels....

    Yeah, that look, but I'd go with aluminum slots on the front. If that's your car, it looks great, but your front wheels aren't vintage enough for my taste. Just my opinion, which I know ain't worth squat.
  23. 70Swinger440

    Photoshop help needed for wheels....

    I'd rock a pair of slots on the front, and black steelies on the back.
  24. 70Swinger440

    15" steel wheels?

    It will bolt on, but your wheel studs will be carrying all of the load. Not good.
  25. 70Swinger440

    Rare or not?

    My car is a factory 340, 4-speed, 3.91 Sure-Grip car. Top Banana Yellow, black vinyl top, black bumble bee stripe, black scoops, buckets, hood pins. I have the #'s matching engine and trans, but the car currently has a 440, 727, 4.10 Dana 60. I like to see stock restored cars, but I don't want...
  26. 70Swinger440

    Bad day...

    Put a 440 in it!
  27. 70Swinger440

    Mopars at the Patch Island Dragway June 24th

    Hopefully, it's not a typical Island deal where it's a Mopar show, but they let other makes in, so they can rake in more money. They did that last fall at a motorcycle event...let cars run. It screwed up the motorcycle event, when a 10 second Fairmont rolled it at the top end. 2 hours of track...
  28. 70Swinger440

    The Outside Man - Mopar Cruising Video (Barracuda, Dart, Duster...)

    Outstanding video! You guys have some really nice rides.
  29. 70Swinger440

    R.I.P Tom "the Mongoose" McEwen.

    Rest in peace, 'Goose.