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    [FOR SALE] 1974 duster rear wiring harness (complete and unaltered)

    Would you happen to have the right side engine harness for '74 V8 Du ster that plugs into these connectors ?
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    Mopar Nationals

    That would be good news !
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    Dash Pad Recover

    I have prepped a few myself ( remove old vinyl, fill and sand with spray foam) and then had a professional upholstery shop recover them. He charged me $150 last time.
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    New Timing Chain Set Loose?

    Cloyes of today is absolute Chinese junk. I went through the exact same issue on a 4.0 Jeep engine last year. Finally (after three sets) got a good one (??). They have only gotten worse since then. I own a repair shop and refuse to buy Cloyes products. Was talking to my guy at O'Reilly's the...
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    1961 Valiant Wagon

    Quite an informative and interesting thread, this is. Going to be a very interesting vehicle. The third seat option is definitely the icing on the cake ! I have to admit that upon initially reading your first few posts, I was a little perturbed at the thought of another instance of rare parts...
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    Trans fluid $$$???

    I remember when +4 first came out, they sold an additive that you could add to Dex 3 to make it compatible for new transmissions. For all the shops that had 55gl drums full of Dex sitting around.
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    74 Duster vs 70 Dart?

    Faced almost the exact same dilema last year. Guy had a '72 Scamp (half a '70 Dart) for sale. Went to check it out and a '74 Duster was blocking it in. Chose the Scamp because we had alot of parts, but four days later went back and bought Duster. Dilema solved !
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    1969 Race Dart w/ 426 Hemi- garaged for 45+ years

    He just left the old studs in and cut/ground them off. Cleanest way to go.
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    Ohio has officially become the pothole capital of the world

    You obviously don't drive in Michigan much.
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    Who knows Wipers and refills? Especially originals

    Thanks for posting all this.
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    How can I get these nuts off of the throttle so I can slide in the kickdown linkage

    First thing might be to learn the difference between a bolt and a nut, and how they work.
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    What's going on this weekend?

    National Trail Raceway event ??
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    1969 Race Dart w/ 426 Hemi- garaged for 45+ years

    I will be interested to hear about the trans. Guessing it is at least slick shifted. Maybe face-plated, maybe Liberty ?? What a dream-come-true vehicle !
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    9" vs 10" drum brake spindle question

    I just swapped from 9" drum to 10" drum on my son's car, that had brand new lower ball joints. Only difference was 9" used smaller diameter attaching bolts, 1/2" vs 5/8" ( I think) for 10". I just drilled out the ball joint for the bigger bolts. Easy, just make sure you get the bigger bolts when...
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    Jeep and Bronco

    If you are referring to 2001 and older Cherokee's, me and you are gonna have to fight !!
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    Is the 10,000 sale done yet?

    Ha-ha, yeah I thought the 20,00 was your lifetime total not current. Was just wondering if Western Colorado had a ****-ton of old Chrysler's laying around as we are headed out that way this summer.
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    Is the 10,000 sale done yet?

    20,000 for sale ads is impressive. Can I ask if you buy parts from FBBO and FABO sites, to resell them ?
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    [Found!] Rear Spring Hangers

    Classic Industries sells the hangers for a reasonable price.
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    AC Compressor Clutch repair

    Dealer probably can get the parts, but you will possibly find out they are more than an aftermarket compressor. Refrigerant is cheap. My labor charge on that job would be $100 (sedan or convertible 1.1hrs)
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    [SOLD] ‘74 Dart Swinger Part Out

    This is the piece of trim I am looking for, but on the passenger side. The small curved, corner piece with one screw hole.
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    LOJ Conversions - G3 to Nissan 6 speed

    To me, the whole reason to go through the hassle and expense of installing a six speed trans would be so I could run a 4.11-4.30 rear gear comfortably.
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    [FOR SALE] Solid State Rallye Gauge Instrument Voltage Regulators (IVR)

    If you could, put me on the list for one. No hurry. Tried to PM you, but inbox full.
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    727 - Driveshaft Jammed All The Way In

    Just a little add on to the discussion, if somebody reading this is experiencing similar issue, it would be very easy to loosen the eight nuts that hold front spring hangers to body and then push entire axle/spring assembly back enough to remove shaft. Just don't stretch flexible brake hose too...
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    Bummer. A couple Mopars taken out just perfectly described my last build !!
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    NHRA TV Video Interview on My Stock Eliminator Wagon

    Nice car and good interview. Congratulations !
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    Clutch cycling switch

    Evaporator will freeze up and system will quit blowing cold. Essentially serves the same purpose as a low pressure cut-out switch.
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    What Non mopar mechanic work are you doing

    Rebuilding the carbs off of a '92 Ninja 600R bike my son picked up ( that his old man found on Marketplace). It's been sitting for about 12yrs. but is pretty clean with about 12k miles on it.
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    Best explanation I've seen so far for Hemi cam/lifter failures

    Since your down to the water pump, may as well do a cam swap ?? You realize the heads have to come off to remove lifters, right ?
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    [WANTED] 1964 Dart GT Hood 'GT' Emblem

    Sure, but not easy to get to it in the winter, so may take awhile.