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    3.9 Stroker

    If the crank needs turning anyway, wonder how much you could gain with offset grinding the rod journals.
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    Steering All Over the Place at 55mph+

    Absolutely the first thing I would do! Sounds like a car with 1/4" of toe OUT. You can verify this with a tape measure yourself. You'll figure it out
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    I need some schooling on my new A833!!!

    In a book about Richard Petty I saw a black and white pic of an engine and trans about to go in the #43. You could see what looked like a narrow stripe running the length of the trans on top in the middle. I always wondered if it had been a color pic, if I'd see one of the "stripes" to help the...
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    Today I Blew Apart and Fixed an Inoperable Horn. It Was Easy.

    Looks great! thanks for sharing this.
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    Truck manifolds on Dart Sport?

    Yea, shimming engine mounts or loosening both sides and levering the engine in the right direction may get you a little more room. Not fun!
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    Weird issue with AFB

    Well I guess you could partially close the choke on your next test drive.This will quickly tell you if its too lean, for whatever reason.
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    What PARTS did Hurst and Chrysler put in the Super Stock Barracuda & Dart not in other factory cars

    If its not way off, I’ve bent them slightly. ‘Till you find the correct one.
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    Dodge King Daytona is the most powerful muscle car you can buy

    I get it, us ICE owners will have to stick together! And borla, boring!
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    Dodge King Daytona is the most powerful muscle car you can buy

    Wow, people admitting to driving brand X stuff, unbelievable! I guess any size fits.
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    Anyone in Maryland does a swap ?

    I'd call Bruno's Classic Muscle in Rockville, bet they could point you in the right direction.
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    proper use of air shocks

    Sounds like you understand the term "proper use" Hope its a fun trip, and. you don't have to pick up a wrench!
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    340 Engine Shake

    Sorry to read of your misery, thanks for all the documentation. Wanted to ask if anyone has ever had a cam company replace one because of wiping a lobe, or lifter failure? Please send your cam back to the mfg. THEY will measure it and tell you if its within spec. This info will help all of us!
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    A few engines and transmissions for sale and some fun stuff. Petty car, Not mine

    Hey replicaracer43, your mailbox is full! You're not that grumpy are you?
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    Front suspension suggestions for better tracking

    I'd toe the front tires in a little more than they are, especially if they're toed out now!
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    26x9.5x14 QTP on 5.5” Rally Wheels

    Ok, if you're planning on driving to the Nats on these tires I'd say, don't do it! Now if you're just gonna put them on at the track and run low air pressure, I'd be fine with that. Like others have said, running these at 25 psi or more on the street will cause very uneven wear and poor handling...
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    Clear up something in the original trans-am cars?

    Not sure I'd agree with that uncompetitive statement. For the first year of a doomed program I think both teams did really well. I mean by 1970 ford had been at it casually in '66, and seriously since '67. And gm seriously since '67. even amc had a couple of years on the Mopar teams. Too bad...
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    Clear up something in the original trans-am cars?

    interesting picture, makes me wonder if that was a nascar gt or "baby grand" car. The roll cage and shock mounting don't look TA legal.
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    Clear up something in the original trans-am cars?

    Yes, all the competition had an easier path to a 5 liter engine. Except Mopar and Pontiac! Always wished there was an easy(cheap of course)way to build a Mopar 305. CP autocross rules had a weight break for under 5 liter cars.
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    1971 Duster Handeling

    If you're at all handy with tools, you can fabricate a front spoiler. I did it on my '72 Challenger. Make one out of cardboard, cut and tape 'till you like the fit then transfer to flat piece of plywood. Figuring out mounting brackets will be time-consuming, but do-able. Make room for brake...
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    1971 Duster Handeling

    Some great suggestions here! My favorite mods are block off as much air as possible thru the grille, at that speed you won't need a big opening. Adjust the rear edge of the hood so air can escape. Lower the nose, now this will reduce caster. So you'll have to do some mods to get the caster back...
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    Intake manifold: Torker 340 vs dual plane

    Is there any difference between the original torker and the tm5? Wonder if anyone ever compared dimensions of both intakes. I agree, they both look great!
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    RIP 66 Barracuda

    I'm really heartened to hear all the good words about SCCA events. I ran my first one back in 1985, back then my local events were all designed by people driving rabbits, civics, x19s, stuff like that. When I'd ask why courses were so tight, I'd get told "its to slow the big cars down" even...
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    can you remove the pressure plate assembly out through the bottom of the bellhousing

    Well, its been awhile since I did it this way, but if you're not removing flywheel, leaving the B.H. on will mean you don't have to mess with starter and bolts/wiring. and the factory B.H. bolts sometime have clips that support a wiring harness. So if its just to replace clutch disc and/or...
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    How to adjust ride height?

    Yes! you want the shaft to pivot freely while you adjust the height. Torque the shaft nuts only after you're happy with your height adjustment.
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    I got a heavy bucket

    Man, I'd stub my toe on that the second day I had it! Take care of your back!
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    4-Door with 340 from the factory?

    Documentation, pics?
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    Should I make the swap to G3?

    Glad you're talented enough to build your own harness! So just mounts, oil pan, headers, trans adapter or flywheel. When you pull the trigger let us know what you spend on everything, might encourage others to go this route.
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    Should I make the swap to G3?

    Watch the Hot Rod garage episode titled "fast, cheap,mopar, pick two" I haven't seen it in a while, but believe they ended up with over 11k in the car, and figured the car was worth about $4500! I'd keep your 408! If you want to do a G3 swap, how about into a 2009 V6 Challenger, I'd think that...
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    Thoughts on Drum to Disc Conversions…

    Many new owners of all drum cars have no idea how they're supposed to stop, like when new. Before I spent money on converting to front discs I'd make sure my 4 drums were working properly.
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    4-Door with 340 from the factory?

    Go look in your copy of the Mopar Performance engine or chassis book, not sure which. Anyway, there's a section called "special cars" where I think he lists all the 340 bodies with production numbers.