A-Bodies...Big Motors / New Hemi Duster - FINAL ASSEMBLY

I just went through every page.. This car is amazing... Huge props to you and anyone who did any work on this car.. Good work. And a inspiration to got stuff one on mine.
thanks tgreule...but you didn't even mention my witty banter.....
thanks Bill.......got one cruise left for this year to Toledo this weekend....then time to finish up a couple of loose ends....and add a little anti-freeze
Ross....on the dash idea....I'm still waitin for inspiration???......got any more thoughts??
Well I've been looking at something custom from Speedhut, you can build your own gauges by changing fonts, background colors, bezels colors and add logo's and wording....maybe a red face with silver bezels and the word HemiDuster...just at thought. good luck
Really nice 6 page color article on Jim's Demon in the November 2011
Hemmings Muscle Car magazine. One of the best write ups I've seen
and it really tells the story. All of the guilty parties are named!
Jim...great magazine spread.....the writer and photgrapher really nailed it!!
Went to the Groganstowne Chrysler dealer show in Toledo today.


Right away, saw a car that looked very familiar.




Yup. It was Nevin (68 HEMI GTS). turns out we don't live hardly an hour apart.

We checked out each other's rides. Another good friend made.



Only one thing we wanted to know. Where are you HemiMark?
Only one thing we wanted to know. Where are you HemiMark?

Like I told you on the phone this morning.... I got goose bumps when I listened to your voice mail. Sounds like you got most of the tuning done and all that's left are some fine tuning issues.... I wish I could have been there!

And where is the rain, like we have had here for 3 days?

Jim, thanks for the visit today at the pub and the copy of Hemmings! I just finished reading it and what a great job the writer did. Thank you for the kind words! :thumblef:
since when is calling you an a$$hole kind words?
.....oh...you mean in the article....I see....
REMEMBER... I told you the writer twisted a few things.....I never said anything kind..........yunz (PGH TALK) are not pets....things you have to be KIND too :joker:
Great pictures Denny! What are those clothes like things you guys are wearing around your upper body? I remember years ago we had something like them here in Texas, I think they were called "jackets". Wow, those were the days!