A833 fluid

For everyday use? I’ve always used the trans / gear oil. A synthetic is on the shelf without the need for additives. I have used Mobil, Valveoline, (sp?) and , .. dang! Brain fart!!! The 75 or 80 weight. The exact weight of the oil can vary a little bit. You can use the lighter oil for everyday use all year long. I don’t know what your winters are like or if you drive it in the winter at all, but the lighter oil will warm up quicker and get in between everything sooner.

The heavier oil takes a little bit more abuse. I’ve seen the weights start at 90 & go up from there. An old boss suggested the heavier oils in the work truck since it will carry a heavy weight in the bed or pulling it down the road on a trailer. The trans maybe a little, make a little noise at first in the winter but it goes away very quickly.
Where in the FSM does it say that?

Don’t know,
things have changed since the manual was printed back in 1969 51 years ago. Just ask Wayne at Brewers transmission, a company that specializes in nothing other than the supply and service of Mopar A-833 four speed transmission what fluid to use and see what he says.
15/40 mobile one full syn it works in all those over the road fuller/eaton 10 speeds works great in 833 too
I use Pennzoil Syncromesh transmission oil in mine.
Good stuff.
I got it at Napa.
You must use a GL-4 oil or Dexron 2 ATF.
Do not use synthetic (if the transmission is stock), it is too slippery and will cause gear clashing from my experience, and it's too bad because I am a firm believer in using synthetic oils for most things..........
Anybody use this?
Lucas Oil Products Heavy Duty SAE 80W-90 Gear Oil
or one of their additives ?

This is what I use in my 1964 A833

I just swapped out my 90W GL-4 for Pennzoil Synchromesh fluid. It is a lot thinner than the gear oil in today's 87F temps. But that also made it easier to fill the 833 from a gallon jug with 2-3 psi air pressure applied :)

A couple of under-40-mph miles with quite a few shifts and nothing grinds, but it is definitely easier to shift than before (2nd was always a little stiff). Will have to wait for colder weather to decide if it was worth the $36+tax...
What’s everyone’s opinion on running this in my newly rebuilt A833? I have cases of it.

I think the confusion comes in when the factory service manuals suggest gear oil in one book and ATF in another.
I think the confusion comes in when people try and reinvent the effin wheel. People say "things have changed...". The transmissions have NOT changed and the same things that worked in them when new will still work in them now.
I’d save it for a rear end oil change since it has listed on it “Contains limited slip additive.”
I am not a Pennzoil fan but I used this with good results. It is made for the job.

pennzoil syncromesh.jpg