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Classic Industries

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    Mar 27, 2009
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    just got done ordering a lot of stuff for the dart. one item, spark plug wires with the black wires, orange boots. they came today with black wires and black boots. i called for return and they said restock fee, then after argument, said ok no restock fee. (reminder their error) ok so how about a return shipping label. "thats your problem" "we don't do that". i said your pic did not match the item and they said "it don't have to, on our website, (somewhere) we said photos and description may be different". Thats a load and everyone reading this knows it is.
    So let the buyer beware. they were rude and then ended with "have a nice day". So i told them to kiss my butt (those words). thats bad customer service, bad business decisions, and i wish i had know that sooner, but at least some else will get the rest of my business. what little bit it is. Makes me feel better! Classic Industries, try to sell restoration parts and say the description and picture might be different!. it don't work that way. invoice number 13770685 just to prove its legit complaint, in case you might read this accidentally.
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    Jun 16, 2017
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    My biggest complaint with them is their "coming soon" on parts. I have been waiting on a part that has said "coming soon" for at least 2 years now.
    Year one would be ok if their website wasn't such a mess. Seriously, try searching for anything on their website.
    I miss some of the small vendors I used to order from back in the day. Hardens was one of the good ones. Nice family run business and their prices were great.
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