Many New Cars Have No Spare Tires

But fortunately we have these modern, technological inventions like run flat tires. Wait, Michelin sold run flats for military use and armored cars as early as 1934. Chrysler didn't team up with Goodyear to offer the Captive-air tires on cars until 1958. But hey, it must be a really good idea in 2018....... wife's 05 Grand Caravan has a spare underneath that has never been used and the rim has rusted and the tire has rotted. Do I replace it just to have a spare?

My '12 Caravan has the spare under the chassis too. It has a big lug nut under the front console that you turn with the lug wrench and it lowers the tire down so you have to get under the car to drag it out. Question: If the van has a flat, wont it already be sitting pretty low so as not to be able to get the spare out? Our 98 Suburban has the spare in the back behind the seat. You mean you could not find room UNDER the truck for a spare? C'mon....
A car gets hit today from the back door to the quarter panel, and its a write off. The gave me 5G's for my 93 LS400 when it got swiped from rear door back. If I were smart, I would have bought it back off them and bought a door, pound out the dent and shoot it white again and drive the tires off it. Darn tires were brand new too.....
My '12 Caravan has the spare under the chassis too. It has a big lug nut under the front console that you turn with the lug wrench and it lowers the tire down so you have to get under the car to drag it out.

The '95 Dodge Ram 2500 I had (before my current '09 Dodge Ram) had the same setup, only the access for lowering the spare was through a body panel below the tailgate.
We were driving on the freeway one day when a car pulled up on my left and pointed to the back of the truck. I pulled over onto the shoulder and stopped, got out to see what the problem was. Evidently the cable on the lowering system had rusted through and the spare had dropped to the roadway. The previous owner of the truck had installed a cable and lock to keep the spare tire from being stolen. That cable was still intact and we'd been towing the spare tire/wheel behind us. How far? Don't know but the still new spare tire now had a nice 3" hole worn through the sidewall from being dragged.
Ever see a 25 series tire? Why dont they just use solid?
A couple of stories from the old days

"Back then" I was REALLY poor at times, even though "it seemed like" I was workin my *** off. I had the misdirected occasion to go to Portland to see about tow-baring a mini truck back home. It's a good thing I didn't get it. ANYway, I had a flat down near Portland somewhere. I was supposed to meed someone to stay with (he managed a cheap motel) but I didn't have the directions, and this was before cell phones. I had the exit, but it turns out the name of the street went on for miles. Was It "Sandy Blvd?" Anyhow I "got off" ad drove for what seemed like a year, and "just happened" onto a Les Scwab tire. So I stopped to buy a couple of used tires.

And I called him to see "what?". THE MOTEL WAS RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET!!!

This was the infamous "SKUD MISSILE" which is a low flying, poorly guided missile. 78 Ferd LTDII 351W 2BBL This is the day it went to junk, no idea why I took this photo

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Back then I worked for a small refrigeration outfit in Spokane, and driving the "Skud missile" about 80-90 mi round trip every day was taxing. I also had a part time job fixing coin op laundry equipment. ANY way one rainy afternoon after work, had a flat. Was headed out towards the supply outfit to pick up some laundry machine parts and had ANOTHER flat!!! "Going flat" decided screw this, it's about 1/2 mi to the tire store I'LL JUST DRIVE IT THERE!!! LOL
Flat stories....I rode my Honda Express 50cc scooter to school one day (college days of 4.50 gas and it was kinda fun) and I get a flat on the way home. Well I just happened to have a bike tube kit under the seat and a little 10 speed pump. so I pull the tube out just where the nail is, the wheel is still on the scooter, and Im able to stretch it flat and put a patch on it. I stuff it back in and air it worked! 1 mile later, i get ANOTHER flat! This time its a friggin golf tee I picked up driving in the gutter. I fix it again and I make it home to wake the next morning (saturday) with the front tire flat. F this......2 new tires and slime in the tubes. I was stopped at a light in my first 65 and the front tire blew out, just a pop and the car settled onto the rim. WTH? and I had a spare...;-)