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This is a bit more detailed than other posts about installing a carpet.
Part of installing a carpet is making the holes in the carpet for seat belt mounts and seat bolts.
I found this easy way of making a nice crisp hole that does not involve using a razor blade cutting too large and seems to work every time I try it. I just installed a new carpet in my 1966 Barracuda and I noted how to do it after another car guy wished he knew how not to get blood on his new carpet with a razor blade making a hole.
I will caution you to wear gloves, safety glasses and be really really mindful where you set the hot tools down after melting a hole. Setting the hot tools on the new carpet or anything flammable can be disastrous.
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I use a small torch, a 1/4" pipe nipple from a hardware store, a pair of vice grips and a dental pick that unscrews. A long #8 nail or 1/8" rod will also work as long as one end is sharp. What ever you use make sure it slides easily thru the center of the pipe nipple.
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Next step is to feel around with your fingers and find the opening, in this case a welded in nut where the seat belt bolt goes. Once you find it, push thru with the dental pick or nail. If you can try to put it in the center of the opening. Verify there is no wiring or lines under the carpet in this area at this time.
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The next part is unscrew the handle off the dental pick and place the 1/4" x 2" nipple in the vice grips as shown. You will be leaving the pick or rod sticking thru the hole- this will act as a guide for the pipe nipple when hot. Then tighten to hold the pipe nipple firm in the vice grips. I always do this OUTSIDE of the car. The end that is extended out ward from the vice grips you heat cherry red with the torch. Again OUTSIDE of the car.
When the tip of the nipple is red hot all the way around the edge slide it over the dental pick until you hit metal floor (in this case) twist a bit and pull the nipple off the dental pick or rod. It may come out with the nipple- that is okay.
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Once cool ( approx 1 minute) you have a perfect circle that is melted over with no excessive cutting. Make sure again you set the hot tools on the ground away from the car. I have caught myself multiple times so excited to see the hole I set the hot torch on the new carpet.
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Now install what ever it is you needed to install. In my case a new seat belt.
You can change the diameter of the nipple for diffrent sized bolts. 1/8" nipples work for 1/4" holes, 3/8" work well for 1/2"-3/4" holes and etc, etc.
Good luck- Syleng1
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