How to Install 67 Dart Headlight Adjusters

  1. Dana67Dart
    How to install reproduction headlight adjusters into a front fender

    Compare Reproductions to OE (Other than color they look good, bought from Classic Ind.)


    Remove screw

    adjusters 2.jpg

    Slide metal part up off of plastic part (This allows for the plastic part to compress as it goes into the slot in the fender).


    Insert plastic and metal part into opening in fender.

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Use socket to press the metal part down, use your hand to keep back pressure so not to bend the support.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    On a side note the small screw holes next to the square holes that the bezel retainers should go in graphically illustrates the difference between a 74 up fender and a 67 fender. Wish I had known that BEFORE the body work and paint on the fender.


    If you need to remove the adjusters, remove the screw and wedge the metal part away from the plastic as done in the pre install. CAREFULLY squeeze the plastic ends in toward the center and pull it out of the support. You might have to work the metal tabs on the metal part to get around the opening in the support.

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