How to Remove Horn Medallions

  1. Dana67Dart
    67 Dart
    Grab center medallion cap and twist counter clockwise while holding the horn ring and steering wheel from turning.
    16292423777293093495121876052908.jpg 1629242406299583445966854144957.jpg

    On 69 Dart with padded horn ring
    20210817_122139 (1).jpg
    Place a small screwdriver between medallion and horn ring on driver's side of medallion (9:00 position) and pry up.
    Go easy and you might want to place some protection between the padded horn ring and the screwdriver.
    There is a slot on the passenger side (3:00 position) of the horn ring
    and a tab on the medallion
    to index it on reinstallation.

    Thanks to CRUZE 418 for the 69 Dart padded horn ring photos

    If you have other horn ring photos form other years and a procedure, PM me and I will add it to this How To.

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