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  1. Badvert65

    Slant 6 timing cover

    The timing covers will physically fit between all the different years and sizes of the slant sixes. The thing to watch out for is the timing tab. It is in different places for different years, some are welded on to the cover, some bolt on.
  2. Badvert65

    Best way to lift a slant 6 engine block ?

    The bolts are 3/8-16.
  3. Badvert65

    Driver inlet rad on slant 6

    OK, I finally found the pics I had of the Magnum hose on a slant six.
  4. Badvert65

    Driver inlet rad on slant 6

    I actually have a pic of that hose on a slant, but I am having trouble locating it. I have a 2007 Magnum and happened to notice that it might work on a slant with a radiator outled on the driver side. You may need to use a tie wrap or two just to keep clearance for the belts.
  5. Badvert65

    Driver inlet rad on slant 6

    The lower radiator hose for a 2007 Dodge Magnum 5.7 L looks like it would work well for something like this. I have some pictures somewhere. I'll post when I find them.
  6. Badvert65

    Oil pump model fitment question

    Thanks for the kind words, my wife and I have been battling some health issues, but things are looking up. I ran out of the oil pump gaskets but I am having more made and should be back in stock soon. Now, back to the regularly scheduled post.
  7. Badvert65

    Cam Gear Beveled Washer

    I am pretty sure it is the same as the big block Mopar engines. I don't recall whether the small blocks used a washer as they have that fuel pump eccentric bolted to the front of the cam (and wouldn't really need a washer.
  8. Badvert65

    Slant 6 progress

    Personally, I would notch the fan blades for clearance. It would be fairly easy and have a negligible effect on the air flow.
  9. Badvert65

    Parts Interchange

    Here are some pics of the tube/pan junction. The tab on this particular tube was bolted to the engine mount.
  10. Badvert65

    Parts Interchange

    FYI, the trucks have a dipstick tube that goes into the oil pan itself. The good news is that after unbolting the tube supports, the tube will pull right out of the pan. You will not need to remove the oil pan. If I recall, there is a tab bolted to the motor mount that secures the tube in place.
  11. Badvert65

    Power Nation Badass /

    Here are the numbers in case you dint wanna watch the video. N/A: 230 peak HP and 287 FP torque 6(?) pounds boost: 325 HP and 400 FP torque 11 pounds boost: 402 HP and 517 FP torque
  12. Badvert65

    /6 engine removal with hood in place?

    It is much easier with the hood out of the way. I have pulled many engines by myself. Keep the link between the hoist and the engine as short as practical. Start lifting. If the hood gets in the way, that's when you remove the front bolt from each side of the hood (where it bolts to the...
  13. Badvert65

    /6 engine removal with hood in place?

    I have had success by removing only the front hinge/hood bolt on each side. This allows the hood to "open" further while leaving it 'mostly' in place. This may help: 225 Engine Specs WIDTH Outside Valve Cover to Prod. Exhaust Manifolds 17.3" LENGTH Bellhousing Face to: Front of Block 27.7"...
  14. Badvert65

    Dana 60 with upgraded slant six

    IIRK, early Dakotas used 8 1/4 rears, and they are fairly plentiful in salvage yards.
  15. Badvert65

    I think I'm missing a nut.

    FYI, that is a 3/4-16 bolt roughly 2 1/4 inch in length. Takes a 1 1/4 inch socket.
  16. Badvert65

    Very Cool Slant 6 Product! Camshaft Button

    The 'bolt and stud' setup is a proven method of limiting cam walk on the slant six. However, not everyone has access to welding or the items needed for the ‘bolt and stud’ method. This button is an easier way to accomplish the same thing. With the cam bolt properly tightened, there should be no...
  17. Badvert65

    No Oil Pressure

    The oil pressure relief valve could be stuck. You should take it apart and clean it.
  18. Badvert65

    Dual Quads on a slant!

    That is one wicked Slant. Sure would like to know more about it.
  19. Badvert65

    balance point for SL6

    Here: Slant Six Lift Plate
  20. Badvert65

    balance point for SL6

    Of the two bolt holes on the head between the manifolds and the valve cover, the front hole will balance the engine by itself. The rear hole will balance the engine/transmission combo. I designed a steel bracket that takes advantage of this, it isn't exactly low profile, but it makes hooking...
  21. Badvert65

    Widening exhaust outlet

    I just used a die grinder and various stones, sanding drums, and such to grind away. I opened mine up to just over 2 1/4 inch diameter, but I could have easily gone to 2 1/2 on the manifold I did.
  22. Badvert65

    Comp Cams Slant 6 problem

    The cam bolt is 7/16-14 x 1.25" and the washer is 1.5"dia, 1/8" thick and slightly concaved. I just measured these items from an 84 slant six.
  23. Badvert65

    Slant Six Roadster Build

    How did it go at Waynesboro?
  24. Badvert65

    Power steering pulley

    Do you need the pump pulley or the crank pulley?
  25. Badvert65

    Thermostat housing different sizes...

    The 'standard' slant six (all engines) thermostat housing is the same for all slants. It is angled for the hose to install basically straight up, or 90* from the outlet hole in the head. Other outlets fit if you need to use different radiators and/or hoses. Stant 84837
  26. Badvert65

    What timing gear do I need?

    All the timing chain sets are interchangable between the years and engine sizes of all slants. Either one will work.
  27. Badvert65

    Never pulled a 6.

    The front boss is to lift the engine only on a level. The rear boss is to lift the engine/transmission on a level.
  28. Badvert65

    Big Block Gear Drive On A Slant?

    I would want to know that oil was getting in there. That looks like it spins at the crank RPM. jus' sayin'....
  29. Badvert65

    Big Block Gear Drive On A Slant?

    Are you making any mods to get additional oil to the gears?
  30. Badvert65

    Slant 6 leaking from water pump bolt.

    I think 10 mm metric bolt is just slightly bigger than a 3/8". That could be a possibility.