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    [FOR SALE] Poverty Caps

    Good Day All and Happy New Year Cleaning out the 'barn'. Have a set of poverty caps from mid'60's Mopars. Not NOS or perfect, paint is faded, however the overall condition is very good. Two of them have a ding on the lip (see photo). $100 for the set plus a ride in the truck if needed. If...
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    [FOR SALE] 1962 Plymouth Valiant for restoration

    Good Day If the motor is a 225, I would be interested in the road draft tube. Shipping to 43567 (NW Ohio). The road draft tube is located in the valve cover (top of the engine) at the rear. It is a piece of tubing with a cap (valve cover end) and is secured with one bolt towards the bottom...
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    Speedometer removal on 65 Dart

    Make sure you disconnect the battery before starting any dis-assembly. Otherwise, the 'magic smoke' might escape from some electrical componet. Omni
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    [WANTED] 1964 Power brakes

    Good Evening Went through all 2500 listings for car parts in the SF Bay Craigslist. Didn't see anything. Omni
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    [WANTED] 65 Dart taillights

    Have several '66 lens/housings. Omni
  6. 1964 Dodge Dart

    1964 Dodge Dart

  7. 1964 Dodge Dart

    1964 Dodge Dart

  8. 1964 Dodge Dart

    1964 Dodge Dart

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    [FOR SALE] Brake vacuum can?

    Good Evening I'll take it. How would you like payment? RG
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    [FOR SALE] 1964 Dart 4 door sedan parts

    PM's sent on fenders and tail light rings
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    [FOR SALE] 1964 Dart 4 door sedan parts

    Good Day All Have many '64 Dart 4 door sedan parts: doors (w/glass), fenders, hood, grille, bumpers, rear quarters (some rot on lower edges) and MUCH more. The majority came off a California car that somehow made its way to Iowa. Pick-up only on the big stuff (located about 2 miles off...
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    [WANTED] 1964 Power brakes

    Good Day All Looking for a power brake set-up for a '64 Dart /6 sedan. Don't know if they have a vacuum reservoir that mounts to the inner fender (my '65 Barracuda did). Not looking to add holes to the firewall. Thanks to all who respond. Omni
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    [SOLD] 1966 Barracuda Parts car

    Good Evening Looking for decent (straight) strut rods. How much to ship to 43567? Thanks Omni
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    [FOR SALE] 65 valiant 4 door

    Good Evening Interested in the strut rods (provided that they are straight). How much to ship to 43567? Omni
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    [FOR SALE] Parting out 1965 Dodge Dart GT

    Good Evening Looking for decent (not bent) strut rods, If available, how much (shipping to 43567) Thanks Omni
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    [FOR SALE] parting 65 Dart

    Good Evening Are the front strut rods decent (not bent). If so how much? (shipping to 43567) Thanks Omni
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    Offenhauser 2@ !bbl Holley swap info

    Joe I have that exact set-up on my '64 Dart. I installed it several years ago with a set of 'Dutra Duals' exhaust manifolds. The carbs are match Holley 1920's (even added a glass bowl for the rear carb). You will have to re-jet the carbs (if I remember correctly, I dropped tree sizes). A...
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    1964 Dart 4 door

    This is not your typical 4 door sedan. This Dart is powered by a 225 with two 1bbls (Holley Model 1920's) on an Offenhouser intake. The 225 is a 1963 (yellow paint) motor with all dimensions stock. The Exhaust is 'Dutra' Duals. Also equipped with Mopar Cruise Control and A/C (Sanden Compressor)...
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    Cruise Control Switch

    Good Day All Looking for working '72-later Cruise Control (turn-signal) switch. Shipping to 43567 Thanks to All :coffee2:
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    Chrysler Part # Interchange

    Good Afternoon All Working on the '64 Dart (225/6 2 1bbls) and have a question: The '64 Parts book gives the Part# of 2299245 for the main jet. Would the last two digits (45) happen to be the jet size that is stamped on the jet? The intake is an Offenhauser piece. The instructions state to...
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    F Body

    8) Lots of miscellaneous interior parts for F bodies primarily 4 doors; headliner (peg board), door panels, interior plastic trim, complete dash, heater box (non A/C), and probably more stuff than I can remember. $75 and you pick up PM if interested.
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    F Body

    8)Rear window from a 2 door (non electric defrost) $25 and you pick up. PM if interested
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    Early 904

    8)Any interest in a early 60's long tail shaft 904 /6 tranny? I have one that was rebuilt probably 3 or 4 decades ago. The tranny came from an estate sale of a Chrysler delearship. No converter. $ 200 and you pick up. (really don't want to try to ship). I bought it figuring I could use some...
  24. 1964 Doge Dart

    1964 Doge Dart

    Rear 3/4 shot
  25. 1964 Dodge Dart

    1964 Dodge Dart

    Front 3/4 shot
  26. 1964 Dodge Dart

    1964 Dodge Dart

    Taken a couple of year ago at a local car show.
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    1964 Dart

    Good Evening I would post pics, howerver, I'm computer illiterate when it comes to things like that. '64 Dart
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    /6 problems

    Good Evening 1) Fuel problem 2) Choke problem -(adjustment) 2a) Choke Thermostat (sdjustment) 3) Vacuum leak (hose/vacuum advance) This may sound silly, but the carb is indeed bolted tight on the manifold - right? I had a similar problem years ago and turned out the carb mounting...
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    Slant Six fun graphic

    Good Evening I own a 'leaning tower of power' and two Super bees. Do you have plans on producing the 'buzzin half dozen'? I think they look great. (BEE ware of copy right infrigement - ma mopar plays rough, just ask Dave Layson....) '64 Dart
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    1964 Dart

    Good Evening All:thebirdm: New to the forum. My A body is a humble 1964 Dodge Dart 4 door sedan with the indestructable 225/6. Factory equipment included push button tranny, AM radio/backup lights/ heater and cigar lighter. I bought it used in 1990 with only 23K on the clock for my daily...